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FIFA are understood to be more satisfied - Daily Record


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Ain't been on much the past day or so, so don't know if this has been posted already.

No quotes but according to the Record "Fifa are much happier with the fact the decision has returned to the football domain."

Rangers in crisis: Club have enough money to start playing players their full wages again

Jun 1 2012

RANGERS have enough money to cope with the players' return to full wages, according to administrators Duff and Phelps.

The Ibrox squad and management took cuts of up to 75 per cent in March to help the club through the administration process.

Concern about how the club would be funded after today, when the wage bill rises back to normal levels at a time when there was no gate money coming in, were raised by fans yesterday.

But a spokesman for the administrators claims money is available.

He said: "The funding is in place for the club to operate and function normally until the sale is complete, which should be in July."

On Tuesday the administrators published the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

If successful, Charles Green's consortium will take over the club in mid-July. Even if the CVA is rejected by Rangers' creditors, it appears the consortium will take over by buying the club's assets.

However, it emerged that £8.3million of the £8.5million put forward by Green's group is in the form of a loan, while Duff and Phelps are due £5.5million before any money is paid to creditors.

Meanwhile, FIFA and the Scottish Football Association are still corresponding with regard to Rangers.

The Ibrox club successfully overturned their 12-month transfer embargo in the Court of Session on Tuesday after Lord Glennie ruled an SFA panel had no right to impose the punishment under the governing body's rules.

Yesterday, the SFA referred Rangers' disrepute charge back to their internal appeals process and a date for that will be set next week.

FIFA were unhappy with the matter going before a civil court but are understood to be more satisfied now that the decision has returned to the football domain.

While the Court of Session's outcome was heralded in some places as a victory for Rangers, the Ibrox club face more severe sanctions including suspension or expulsion from the game.

Rangers received the transfer embargo and maximum £100,000 fine for a disrepute charge born mainly from their failure to pay tax last season.

Their CVA proposal showed the club owed more than £21million to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

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It will be interesting if we get kicked out the Scottish cup next season from a cup sponsorship point of view.....P.S Fukk fifa & the sfa.

hope so, we could get set up a few glamour games, although i read somewhere that the CVA is dependent on us being in all domestic competitons (could be worng though)

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The Express are reporting today that the SFA could modify the transfer ban to only allow Rangers to sign free transfers.

Surely a transfer ban has been shown to be outwith the rules, no matter how it is modified

I agree. Not sure how this can be the punishment, our appeal was based on the basis we were handed a punishment we shouldn't have, a compromise makes sense but we shouldn't accept as a a point of principle, the SFA appeal panel will then issue one of the prescribed punishments.

Pure speculation, no quotes just guesswork by the papers.

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'While the Court of Session's outcome was heralded in some places as a victory for Rangers, the Ibrox club face more severe sanctions including suspension or expulsion from the game.'

every scummy bastard and their dog are really pushing these 'severe sanctions'

they never mention the other sanctions like the 100k fine,or SC ban.

it's almost like their trying to influence the so called 'independent panel' :rolleyes:

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I was listening to Craig Broon on RR last night and he was saying that the Saudi Team who won the world youth cup at Hampden (remember the ones with the beards) were definitely not youths at the time of the tournament. Apparently he was talking to somoene who was coaching in Saudi a few years later and some of them had retired :dry:.

If fifa are happy to turn a blind eye to this level of corruption in one of their flagship tournaments can they really be taken seriously on other matters

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So again they just plan on making up rules to suit them.

Unfortunately, they can do whatever they want regarding making up the rules.

If we don't agree to any of their rules, then they can just turn round and tell us to get to fuck and there's not a lot we an do about it.

I really fear that duff bros good work to date is going to be in vain due to them taking the SFA to court.

I remember Spartans got kicked out of the cup last year due to a minor administration error and I feel that they will not give us a similar punishment.

I just hope Mr Green manages to make a deal with Regan before this goes too far.

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No way.....FIFA are going to ban us for 1000000000000 years...an ugly guy with one eyebrow told me so it must be true.....I've hiding behind the couch since Tuesday because of it :angry:

They just dont seem to grasp the idea that it wasnt our decision to take this to court that angered FIFA; it was the SFA decision, that forced our hand, that has angered FIFA.

Visa vi everyone will get it tight from them.

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