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Will the CVA Get Passed

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Will the CVA Get Passed  

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  1. 1. Will CVA Go Though

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Theres no way hearts are going to take pennies in the pound deal

there chairman is a nutcase

The only people that matter are Ticketus and HMRC , unfortunately due to all the shit that has happened to us I expect more to come our way on Thursday so my vote is no ,but really hope I am wrong

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The thing is if anyone says no, which the are entitled to do then we are looking at a Newco route where they get nothing, all I heard

on Clyde 1 all last season was the potato pickers saying HMRC refuse to accept them and how it was set in stone on their website that

it wouldn't be accepted but a quick google says different, there are conditions such as it must be structured properly to name 1 but

it more or less says it must be workable and not something stupid like we owe you a truck load of cash spo how about we give you £20.

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Yes it will be accepted, they did a deal with RFC, Green said to them "Look, Im gonna help you out here, Im going to give you 8p in the pound just to annoy the fuck out of all the Taigs then I will let you fine us...um...lets say 11 million on the Big Tax Case cause you cant touch us on that one and that way its win win for everyone." deal done.

Pay 11m back at 500k for the next 22 year

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Me also, I'm really hoping this happens.

With how long we've been in admin, must be over 4 months now? We've had a hard time, important twists and turns and crucial moments.

Thursday is end game, Thursday is the day that we find out what happens. Thursday is THE most important day in our history.

And that's what makes me so f***ing nervous, the time is coming lads, Thursday, about four days from now, nervous.

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Guys lets man up on this and wait and see but please ffs don't be panicking with shit and threads about this all week .ive got a good feeling that come Thursday Cva will be agreed .Just don't expect the media to put any or too much positive spin on any positive outcome

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All financial logic and precedents suggest it will.

The wildcard is HRMC claiming it is an 'example' to football clubs, many of whom have done this before.

Using Rangers as an example....the fall-out....the ramifications...

No. I don't see it.

I suspect it will be accepted....grudgingly.

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