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Don't mourn a company


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Correct mate.

We as a club have been throgh worse, far worse. We as always will come through this far stronger than before, we will have learned harsh lessons but the same mistakes will not be made again.

Moses posted something on another thread that caught my attention, something along the lines of he has never been more determined/proud to support this club as he is today and I agree 100%.

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Guest KarlG45

The Club lives on.

Debt free and now able to push on. It's been the darkest period in our history, but we know the end result now. We need to come to terms with it and build for the future.

No Surrender.

Yep. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

Well said mate.

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Very well said. I've been thinking this when the darkside have been spouting more of their rubbish as of today. They really are silly people.

We'll be stronger than before though. Rangers forever.

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Well it depends.

If the SFA and the SPL reject our member application we don't get any of our history.

If we didn't get accepted to the Third Division we would have too find a new League and if Green can't come up with the 5.5million we will cease to exist as a club unless a very late buyer comes in.

Its not an open and shut case and there is still more to this.

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Green has already paid most of the £5.5 million, it's mentioned in the administrators statement.


Another thing was that if the SFA accept our membership but the SPL rejects it we would have no history past 1998 when the SPL started.

Or at least officially because we know we won all these trophies.

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