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If a CVA was accepted we all know that there was a 28 day cooling-off period, where creditors can change their minds on their CVA decision. Does this 28 day period still happen with the CVA being rejected?

When will the liquidators move in? Straight after the meeting on Thursday?

What do the liquidators actually do, and how long will it take them?

When will we be back as a fully self functioning football club with no interferences?

Is Charles Green 100% guaranteed to complete the takeover as a newco, will he have any problems getting his hands on Ibrox and Murray park, or does he already own them?

Can Craig Whyte make any sort of decision to fuck Charles Green's newco plans up?

Is there anyone that actually knows any of these answers, or is everyone in the dark like me?

Mr. Green MUST start giving us some information on the matter!

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The liquidators have already said they won't move in straight away. They take over when the assets have been transferred over to the newco and mop up the corporate business (Radio Scotland. So it must be true like)

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What I don't understand is what are BDO going to liquidate? I would have thought it would have been a foot race to get in the door first as surely without assets to liquidate the process is pointless? Maybe the prepack sale agreement is whats holding them back from doing this

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The liquidators are no more than fraud investigators in this instance for hmrc, when in reality it should be the SFO who should be investigating.

If any of the fans bodies reported fears of a serious fraud at Ibrox the cops are duty bound to begin an investigation and seek the assistance of higher authority bodies SFO as required.

Unfortunately our unelected leaders and spokesmen are well out of their depth to deal with this situation, and take the necessary steps for the benefit of the club and us.

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