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Enjoying watching the Gers again


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I have been watching the Gers for over 30 years now and can honestly say some of my greatest memories do not revolve around winning. It has always been for me being part of the Rangers family. Rememeber those early 80's days when a 2-2 draw at Love Street was not the disaster we currently perceive it to be. Some great days I remember were even those when the result did not matter:

1. My first Euro jaunt in 82 to Cologne when on the Colin McAdam loyal. We lost 4 or 5 nil but I have never forgotten the feeling of camaraderie amongst the

Bears when you are on those Euro trips

2. Big Jock Wallace returning for his 2nd stint I can still remember a packed Beach End and a Bear running on to the field and lovingly placing his scarf

round the centre circle. just another day when the result did not matter it was all about the feeling of being with your fellow Bears.

Whatever next season may bring I do believe that a great thrill will return to watching this team. Every 3 points towards our return to the top will be simply magical.

The sweetest title this club will ever win will be number 55 and I truly hope that all members of our family remember to savour every second of it

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