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Walter Smith to try and buy Rangers


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I have it under a good source that to watch what happens today.

Walter smith is gony try buy Rangers off of Duff and Phelps for more than Green is offering.

This is gony lead to Ally mccoist chucking it today to back him up??

this is a mega source but thought i would share with u all.

It's not really a source when you haven't mentioned said source!!

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Did Walter win the Euro Millions?

As some have said Green did not go through all of this to come away with hee haw.

I'd love for some sort of fairytale with Walter and Ally owning our club but let's be serious here.

I "wonder" who would be backing him lol not hard to figure out me thinks

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Who do you mean?

Certainly not TBK as they said many times they have no interest in a newco so that rules them out.

they have no interest in a newco dont be daft if they got ibrox for 5.5m they would make 10 times that back if the club is run in the correct manner

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