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They aren't that stupid so it'll never come to that.

I really wouldn't be so sure of that.

The SPL are at least representative of how a lot of clubs here will cut their nose off to spite their face.

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I really wouldn't be so sure of that.

The SPL are at least representative of how a lot of clubs here will cut their nose off to spite their face.

I won't be surprised if bitter SPL clubs vote us out, but I can't see Division 3 clubs doing it.

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spl clubs are run as a business what business is going to turn down revenue in this day and age would be suicde. but if they where so knieve to do such a thing div 3 chairmen would be rubbing there hands at the thought of filling there grounds . :clap:

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The SFL board are more football minded than its SPL counterpart - I would reckon they'll see admitting us as a good football move.

The extra gate money at all these grounds might help with the decision though.

Not only will they have a sold out 'away' section, think of how many more floating locals will go to these grounds for the chance to see 'The Mighty Rangers'.

It's a win-win for them.

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I do wonder if the SFL teams will worry that they are in a league they can't win with Rangers are in, but I suppose their chairman won't complain about two visits from us. They all want a cup draw against us, two is ever better.

And then it would depend which players want to stay also.

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1995 When the tims had to rely on a vote to stay in the premier league how did that go?

who voted for & against them?


no sanctions, no pts deductions, no fines & no ban from Europe.

Now they are the cunts foaming at the mouth to have the book thrown at us. Despite the Newco route allowing them to stabalise which led to them being able to invest heavily and stop Rangers making it 10 in a row in 1998.

What these hypocrites are looking for now are sanctions in place which will cripple us on the playing front and guarentee them the spl crown every year for the near future. They can't stomach the huge gap in title victories. They will do anything to attempt and strip our titles won and place sanctions to stop us winning any soon.

They tell anyone who cares to listen that WE are Scotlands shame yet their club protected a Paedophile from the police and their fans opening degrade our armed forces with no punishments. They even sing a song "let the people sing" when they know that WE ARE THE PEOPLE and complain to authorities about TBB BJK & TFS oh and don't dare degrade the pope cos they'll have us for that too, but Our Queen is getting it both barrels.

I fucking detest those inbred hypocrite bastards.

Whether its Walter or Green who takes us forward there first move should be to offer Donald Findlay a chair on the board to defend the club against these never ending slurs. Its kick after kick because we have no cunt kicking back.

Donald was removed as yet again Murray buckled under the papish medias pressure, his crime, he sung the sash ffs.

They should have been told to Fuck right off.

We have Dallas who resigned due to circulating a joke email about the pope yet the sfa chief exec tweets he likes the idea of big jig being hung and walks Scot free.

We should be bursting his office door right off its hinges demanding him to step down.

Until we have a board in place who are prepared to take these fuckers on we will always have our trousers at our ankles, bent over waiting for our next raping.

I for one prefer my asshole to be used what it was designed for not for these cunts to abuse when they wish.

I just hope the guys who take us forward think the same. We have taking enough we are taking no Fucking more.

At the minute we are on our knees looking at at these cunts sneering. Well we are slowly getting back to our feet. The gloves are off so bring it on you twisted cunts.

Give us your last shot, make it a good one though cos we are about to hit back.

No Surrender.

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Don't hold your breath on that one Dan.

These cunts are blinded by their sheer hatred of us and can't wait to put the boot in.

Now that sky have agreed they will invest as long as we are only away for 12mths, you can pretty much guarentee we are heading for division 1.

Gives these spineless cunts a get out clause that keeps their own fans happy because they voted us out.

Only my thoughts.

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