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One nice wee fact about the Court of Session decision relating to Keevins.


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Keevins had stated that if one independently appointed and respected, impartial committee applied the transfer sanction and then another esteemed and equally upstanding committee chaired by the eminent and highly qualified Lord Carloway upheld it, the decision must be correct and respected, since Lord Carloway was obviously obviously above reproach and would check the rule book and all other factors and get it right. Could such a man really make such a glaringly horrendous decision as to get in wrong?

Step forward Lord Glennie who bothers to check the rule book. Eh, Lord Carloway, did you even bother to look at this, especially this wee list of available punishments for such a breach?

I rest my case m'lud.

Mr Keevins, how do you respond?

I may make a wee phone call when the phone ins get back up. I'll pick a night they have Spiers on and get him with the history/timeline issue and an inconsistency on other issues.

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