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Golfer. 40ew @ 80-1. Charlie Hoffman. 4k. They had it all back before too long.

Needed Chelsea to win at Everton a few years ago to bring a 3.5 acci in. Terry got sent off in first half and they drew.

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Had £174 on Portugal to beat Czech Republic, after building up from £10 on a number of bets. Winning and losing along the way, not just lumping it all on. But I think that ended up paying out about £305ish.

On the same day I got about £150 back from a 50p E/W Lucky 15. Two winners in the last two races at Ascot, and a place in another.

Safe to say, that was a good day. I withdrew the majority of the winnings, which was a smart move, because I've barely won anything since!

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500 was waiting on man utd to beat arsenal and arsenal were either winning 2-1 or 3-2. can't remember as it was 9 or 10 years ago anyway man u came back and won and me and my mate had to beg the women in willie hills to settle the bet on the sat night rather than the Sunday, so we could go to destiny for a night of carnage haha

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Some of you sound like jammy bastards in here, 5 draws? What the fuck, who can pick that :lol:

My biggest win was last year. I would usually do maybe a £5 5 timer then a couple of stupid £1 bets.

The stupid £1 bet was a 9 timer, just a random 1, 2, 1, 2 down the page sort of thing without looking lol. (I even had QPR to beat Stoke away from home, i would never ever have done that lol).

Eight of them were up on the Saturday going onto Liverpool to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the Sunday.

It was a few days before my birthday last November and also a few days before payday, so I couldn't even cover it by sticking £100 on Chelsea and £100 on a draw... all I have to say is... thank the Lord for Glen Johnson. 87th minute and a fucking right back nets me £873. I was absolutely soiling myself for a full 4 minutes of injury time.

Being the greedy cunt that I am, I couldn't help but ask myself why I didn't put £20 on it :lol::dry:

Won £800 on Paddy Power roulette not so long ago either.

Wish I could say I was up (td):mad:

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£89 last season from £1.50.

Think it was a 5 team accumulator, and was waiting on Newcastle away to Wolves, 2-1 up. Wolves had a goal in injury time disallowed, think the linesman flagged that the ball went out for a goal kick before Doyle tapped it in.

Awful decision!

Second to that was £70 on Aguero to score any time against Blackburn, Paddy Power had it 6/1 I think for a limited time.

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