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Staring at life outside the top-flight for the first time.

Still uncertain over who’ll lead them into the future — or even if they have one.

Stunned Rangers great Eric Caldow believes legendary boss Bill Struth will be spinning in his grave at the demise of his beloved club.

And, in an emotional interview, Caldow, now 78, told SunSport: “I was Bill’s last signing before he died and I know he would be mad with all the carry on that has been going on.

“I can certainly tell you he would never have let it happen in the first place. He was the No 1 Ranger.

“I think he will be turning in his grave right now. It is such a shame the way things have happened.”

The SPL clubs will vote on July 4 on whether a newco can be accepted into the top flight or not.

If not, then Gers would have to apply to gain entry to the Third Division and work their way back up.

But Caldow, who won five league titles, insists Gers have to be accepted into the SPL otherwise other clubs will suffer.

He added: “I don’t think the SPL clubs will vote them out of the league. I really don’t think Scottish football can survive if Rangers are not in the top league.

“Rangers and Celtic are the only two teams in Scottish football. The other teams won’t be able to win the league.

“Celtic could end up winning the league for the next 20 years — but Scottish football needs a competitive Rangers.

“If Rangers are put into the Third Division then clubs in the SPL will lose money.”

Caldow knows Celtic fans will be lapping up the fact that crisis-torn Gers are on their knees.

But he insists the Parkhead club would be lost without Old Firm matches.

He said: “I am sure Celtic fans will be laughing it up and will be hoping they don’t survive.

“But I think Celtic fans would definitely miss the Old Firm games.”

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The great man certainly would and I'm sure he would also be saying there's no dignity in wishing harm on other clubs and that works both ways. I wouldn't exactly say they will win the league for the next 20 years but if we go to the third and get titles stripped then they certainly could be on their way to ten. I just bears would sit back and have a take thr longer view on this and the possable ramifications.

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