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Looking Forward.


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I'm of an age when I can rememeber how it felt to watch men taking the field for Rangers who were in the true sense of the word -HEROES.

Sure Jimmy Miller , Ralph Brand , Eric Caldow , Davie Wilson , John Greig ,Harold Davis etc. etc. were well paid in comparison to the rest of the population , but these men earned their status by their deeds on the park and by their persona off the park. In short they were true Rangers men living their dreams by turning out for the Club they loved.

We are in real need of a restoration of the original Rangers values of Honour Pride and Valour in the face of those who would harm us.

This is the lowest point in our beloved Clubs' history and everything around us is dark and hostile . But I believe it is at times like this that you rediscover the real, important things that seperate us as Rangers Fans from the rest.

I have been so proud of our unflinching ,unified support of Rangers over the past year, it was fantastic to be part of it, lets not lose that now , we are the most loyal fans on the face of the earth.

As I have said before I have never loved Rangers more than I do now, and if we are to move forward into greatness again it is the fans who will have to be the Clubs heroes ,by the lengths we are prepared to go to in order to save our identity. We must not be divided , this is oxygen to our enemies , only by putting a unified front will we be able to influence the Current owners and to let the Rangers haters out there see what is coming to them.

We will have to make finacial sacrifices by continuing to buy our season tickets ,buying merchandise , programmes etc. and Mr Green would do well to keep these sacrifices in mind , these are not business transactions, these are sacrifices of love and he would be well advised to pay heed to the views of a support who have ties of blood to Rangers -our support is not temporary it has been there since 1872.

We lack a single fans voice and it is vital that someone is found who will be weld us together and I would hope that Walter or Ally would take on this task and take us out of this mess ,a mess created by people who either lost, or never had the basic Rangers values.

Steadfast and Sure

God Bless the Rangers

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Well said that man. I will love the day when we are back on top and those taigs try to bring us down! When we are in top of the league proclaining our title victory and I for one will be taking a week off on holiday to celebrate. We will organise a feast of music fayre every night for a week, wee rangers club, orange halls, fucking everwhere! When teaams come to ibrox, we boo their every fucking touch from now to eternity. No cunt escapes the wrath of our fans. Other fans beware, we will recall all this hypocrisy and shite aand we will take you on the park, on the pavements and on the roads! You better ensure that your fans are well protected, cause make no bones abt it, we will trod all over your shitty stadiums ands your fucking heids. Fuck the spl. NO SURRENDER !!!!!

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