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Traitors, every one of them!


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Dear genuine, free and able thinking Rangers fans (all others can leave now)

I previously posted a note calling into question the loyalty or lack of it of players who will decide not to join newco club, I was lambasted left, right and centre with even my loyalty to Rangers called into question by the "hard of thinking" and now what I was talking about has come to pass. (doh!)

I fully understand that throughout this saga the players have been kept in the dark as much as the supporters, I also understand that they, like us mere mortals need to look after themselves and their families (poor souls who stuggle to survive on a weekly wage many of us have as an annual salary) but I wonder:

1. How can players expect "normal thinking Rangers fans" to believe their bullshit about past loyalty and love of the club when they are like deserting rats fleeing from a sinking ship (which we are not)

2. Players were seen by many as heroes (by God don't they enjoy reminding us of that fact) at the time when they agreed to take between a 25% and 75% pay cut for a 2-4 month period. Given the average wage of £15,000.00 per week, the poor souls had to get by with only an average of £7,500.00 per week, how did the poor wee souls survive for all of nearly four months?? No doubting it was a genuine gesture at the time but now we have hit rock bottom, where is that "love for the club", that "loyalty"??

3. Messrs Naismith and Whittiker are at pains to emphasise that it is not a financial decision, how dumb do they think we are.... obviously mental and those who fall for their lines clearly are!!

4. The players reasons for leaving are "not financial" but are for "poor communication from Green" and "the lack of knowledge on which Division they are playing in next season"? Ok, communication point is valid but far from fatal and if they only waited until 4th July they would know which division they would be in (why not train or stay away till then, I wonder why not?)

5. If it not for greed then should we assume that their massive signing on fees (because there is no transfer fee) will be donated to the club "they love", "its about our ambition as players, not money"......"?

I see all who decide to jump ship as traitors of the lowest order, forget the "good luck, you did well for us", politically correct bullshit, although perhaps cleansing the club of these two-faced badge kissers will be good in the long term although many of the hard of thinking will no doubt question me as the players are heroes, remember??????

To be fair the Green camp should have been keeping them in touch with what was happening through the administration period and only sending them an email last week is poor practise but it does not make him the guilty party in the players desertion!

Go with our wishes......to hell!!

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