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pirlo is no ronaldo


you are right he is not a fat ron who was one of the greatest ever. The preening ron has not been the player of the tournament only turned up in two matches so far Some guys on here are correct schweinsteiger or lahm challenge pirlo in this tournament.
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I was watching the one where he ghosted past Sergio Busquets, the best defensive midfielder in the world, and played a beautiful pass to Antonio Di Natale to take the lead. Which game were you watching?

Pirlo stagnated in his last few seasons at Milan. I don't think anyone denies that. On the other hand between about 2002 and 2007 he was brilliant, and was the third best player (officially, but probably more effective overall than Zidane) at the 2006 world cup. Then, at the age of 32 and "past it", he moved to Juventus and was their best player in their title-winning season. What a loser, eh?

You're reading the wrong fucking newspapers. It is genuinely embarrassing to read your posts.

Sorry mate, he needs to have played well every season, and to do that, must play well for all of the game, in every game.

A man of the match performance in a world cup final, key contributions to vital goals, and a decade of 'fleeting' brilliance is just not enough.

In fact it's lucky for him he even played well against that group of amateurs otherwise I would have barely noticed him throughout his paltry career.

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And you are going to ignore the fact that the guy has gone missing in loads of big games for club and country .

Other than making England look stupid whens the last time the guy has ever made the newspapers for anything .

He had a great game the other night , end of , but is never a consistently good player for club or country .

and he hardly touched the ball against Spain , what game were you watching ?

do you just disagree for the sake of argueing? you dont half talk some shite too

pirlo has been one of the best playmakers and passers for the last 10 years

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