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The largest debts are still to be settled and it will be us who laugh last!


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Murray, Whyte, Bain, Regan, certain media characters and other clubs' fans and chairmen owe us the biggest debt. I certainly hope we see more than one of this mob in prison.

I will also feel no sympathy for any of them should they fall upon their own serious misfortunes-not one scintilla of empathy will be felt by me.

The only victory we have claimed through all of this is a small one. We now unambiguously and indisputably have the moral high ground. We have suffered and continue to suffer unending intolerable wounds and stains on our reputation, with barely even a hint of sympathy or understanding from any quarter whatsoever.

Be strong. Be patient. It will take time, but we will rise again. Remember, the club has not died. It is seriously wounded and we are the only ones who we can trust to support it and help it rise again. Make no mistake, we will rise again and it will be all the sweeter after the myriad traumas that have been forced to endure.

Defeating those footballing pygmies who have turned so viciously on us will be a pleasure once again and no longer will it be one we take for granted. We will have the last laugh against these haters who are currently revelling in our misfortune and, when it comes, we will revel in the glory like we've never done before.

So summon up that belly full of hurt, for that is your motivation to go the extra mile in each coming year, for many years in order to get his club back where it belongs. We will be there throughout every moment of this revival, however long it takes, for we are the people and we will see this out for the sake of the club we love.

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We the people will sustain our club at the right time .

We have the will and the spirit and they cannot and willnot break us.

Follow Follow .

Well said mate.

We should make it clear to the club that we should not accept tickets for specific grounds.

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I want to see a sellout for all season tickets. That will send out an unquestionable message that we are behind this club and we will not let it die. Let them know that we are coming back with a vengeance. It's time to nail your colours to the mast, lads.

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