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Remember when...


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Football was about kicking the ball around with your mates? Pretending to be your favourite player (always Mols for me) and just enjoying the game. There was the down's, when The Rangers would lose, but you always knew they'd pick themselves back up and more than likely win the next week, and the up's were brilliant. Your auld man taking you to Ibrox, the excitement you'd feel all week about it, and the feeling when the ball hit the back of the net.

Now, what is it now? We've got our glorious side on our knees, being kicked into by all angles after being taken for a ride by two businessmen (a third now?) and you need a business or a law degree to have half an idea as to what's going on. Is it even about the game of football anymore? Over the past few months, I've rarely thought once about what's actually happening on the pitch, does it really matter anymore? It's always been about survival. Trying to keep our club going after it's been raped by businessmen looking for money. And we the fans are now being told to show remorse. Hold our hands up and accept the blame. What have we ever done other than pump thousands of pounds into our game following the team we love? It's times like this where you wonder when it all changed. It's so easy to forget what the game is, and feel like you're simply trying to hold your family together. Will we ever get back what we dearly love? Should a sport make you feel like this? Having grown-men in tears because a company failed to reach an agreement to settle their debts?

Anyway, not exactly much point in the topic, just thought I'd throw my feelings out there, who knows it probably looks like a lot of crap. It just feels as if anger, hatred and sadness have overtaken the game that we love, and that in itself is extremely disheartening.

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We have always been winners on and off the pitch, dignity, loyalty, pride and heart have been the Rangers way since 1872. Charlatans and shysters like Murray and Whyte may have dented our reputation but they can not and shall not take our values because that is what Rangers is truely about. Football is our game and winning is our aim and we will be back to it very soon :uk:

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chuck the anger m8, channel yer agression into positive thoughts

remember we are bears

WATP 54 & counting ya fenian bassas :crabflute:

It really is quite difficult when it's just stream of bad news after stream of bad news! I think I'm really just needing the new season, the next month will be torture though!

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My favourite players were from the following line up;


Shearer, Caldow

Greig, McKinnon, Baxter

Henderson, McMillan, Millar, Brand, Wilson

We played in a wonderful Royal blue v necked jersey, white shorts and red/black socks. The jersey was unsullied by sponsor name and was filled by those deemed fit enough to wear it with pride.

No player/lawyer press conferences in those days explaining severances with the club!

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