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A plan for the future....

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A wee message to the players who are leaving us in our worst hour as a club. Fuck off, don't come back. Regardless of how you feel about Charles Green. Regardless of what you think of the newco. This is the situation we

are in. But its the same stadium, same badge, same management, same office/ticket office workers and most importantly the same US, the fans. The same fans who have watched you, adored, admired, held you in the highest

regard for the full tenure of you being here. Yes. You have a short career and have to make as much money as possible in a small period of time. But why not transfer to the newco, have a bid accepted by the club who

wants to buy you (from the players that left, there is interest in all). Go with your head held high and a standing ovation for your time served here. Except you decide to leave for no money, wipe your hands clean of us

and go on your merrily way. Get a fat signing on fee and play your trade in England. What an absolute kick in the teeth if ever it was one. Especially from people who are supposed fans of the club. If you really were.

Take a leaf from Mr Lee McCulloch or Lee Wallace(not even a rangers fan). I think you should take a big look at yourselves in the mirror. You were on the same wages as before which you were happy to sign, what was the

problem? My company was recently bought over by another as well. I didn't go asking for a meeting with the CEO/Owner of that particular business. I might even disagree with some of the procedure this company uses. But I

get paid to do a job. I don't fucking leave because of it.

If the problem is Charles Green, what is he doing? what is he threatening? You are no longer attached to the club in anyway with leaving.... So being the "Rangers" fans that you are, why not tell us? If they aren't then

is the problem really Charles Green? I genuinely don't know.


A plan for the future. I for one believe we will be back and when we do. We need to look after number one... ourselves. Give no money to any club in Scotland. Time to get greedy. Boycott away matches for here on

in...If we are still in Scotland, when reaching the SPL. the SkyTV deal may come back to fruition. I say we use it. Get the large inflatable screens they used for the uefa cup for beamback of all away games (Make a deal

with sky for this, like a pub). Fill up the main stand. With it not being an official game going on at the stadium. Beer should become available, Apply for a licence to do so. All revenue and money for the club. Withdraw

from Scottish and League cups. With the poultry money from it its simply not worth it. Also it means the lower clubs dont get gate receipt money from drawing Rangers in the cup. Play high end friendlies at Ibrox at

Scottish Cup weekends. Revenue into the club. No loans or sales of players to any Scottish clubs. Have a link with a european team.. Do Exchanges with them for loaning young player, Like Antwerp and Man Utd.

Give them NOTHING. Not a fucking penny.

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like it mate. Time to start the fight back. The fans need to step up here.

Heartbreaking as this is, we are the club and if we keep fighting there will always be a Rangers.

No surrender.

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