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If we get back in the SPL

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now im all for being in the spl with no sanctions(if offered, would prefer to start in the 3rd div). however if green accepts an spl positions with sanctions(whatever they are), what stance are wee(the fans) to take.

imo there is no way we should accept an spl deal unless its without sanctions, but it aint gonna be up to us(the fans).

so my question is, what shall we do if this situation arises?

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not one single ticket should be taken for any away games, if fans wish to support the team then we simply give our away ticket money to the club via merchandise or if greens mob set it up, a shareholder scheme

and when i say not one single away ticket i mean not one

Also, if possible, we should close Ibrox to all away fans and sell it to us for cheap as chips, or even give the tickets away to the local schools etc

Fill Ibrox every second week with bears and bears only

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im not talking about away games. they should be boycotted even if they pay us to come back to the spl.

i meant(bad scenario) green accepts say 1yr transfer ban, 10 point deduction for the next 3 seasons and 3rd off all our tv/prize money for 3 yrs, just to get back in the spl.

should we still just blindly support the team? im raging just even thinking about this hypothetically.

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