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This apology is a PR disaster

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Flashing along the bottom of the screen in the yellow bar on SSN right now:

"Malcolm Murray apologises unreservedly for distress, disruption & difficulty inflicted on Scottish Football".

I know the finer wording of the statement wasn't as clear cut and points blame to "previous regimes" but fuck me what a stupid thing to do. Think about what how this is going to be played out in the media.

Whats the bet on headlines in the Sun & Record tomorrow being "WE'RE SORRY" 'Rangers finally apologize for cheating'?

We should be fuckin fighting our corner, are even we throwing out the idea of "innocent until proven guilty" with regards to the btc & ebt scheme? Or are we somehow accepting blame for being victims of a fraudulent takeover when the authorites put in place to protect us sat about and let it play out for their own gain?

Well done Malcolm Murray, even though i'm sure you were just trying to douse the flames with regard to the current situation, you've came across as a fuckin apologist and gave the media & the hateful scum in this country another stick to beat us with.

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It cannot be that any supporter of Green & Co are even remotely surprised by this and neither should they be with events to follow over the coming days.

Support the club - as you have done for years. I've come to realise it's pointless choking on the action of suits.

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I doubt David Murray is going to do any interviews until we hear the result from the FTT but he is the one that should be apologising

indeed, he will very much be of the stance that he's done nothing wrong, he's took advice from a top financial firm and until a judge says otherwise it was all above board. We should be adopting the same attitude until such time as verdict comes out, and if it transpires that Murray fucked up, then fine, take it from there.

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No one likes us oh wait, some do care about abuse fae Timmy

i'm not one for giving a shit about the bedsheet banner loyal, but i do care how the club presents itself.

Some feel that the statement is well worded, i wouldnt disagree, but if you don't think this is a PR disaster just wait for the morning papers.

The wording actually used by Murray will be completely disregarded and the world will simply see this as an admission of guilt on the clubs behalf.

So it's offiial then, we're guilty as charged. (remind me again, what of?)

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Like everything else in this saga it was always going to be put in a negative light by the media.

It wouldn't matter what MM came out with tbh, it was always going to have this spin on it.

Anyone with half a brain will read/watch his interview and take from it what is meant to be taken.

Fuck them all.

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Why a disaster OP, I see your post but why a disaster. It's likely disastrous from an anti green pro brown side of things as it's right up thr street as summit else they can hijack and use for thr own means.

Pretty sad rly

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