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***Official English Football Thread***


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Just a general thread for all things related to the EPL/Championship/anything else related to English football.

So how does everyone see this season going?

Obviously, City will start as favourites. They've got a good, well rounded squad who are only going to get better.

The chasing pack? United are always going to be up there, while Arsenal and Chelsea have both strengthened well. Arsenal now have the strongest attack in the league behind City, but will they gel in time? At Chelsea, will Di Matteo manage to get a consistent Chelsea in the league? Or will the focus again be on the Champions League?

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I don't think Arsenal have the strongest attack in the EPL behind City.

United have added Kagawa and he is miles better than Walcott, Ox and Podolski.

Rooney, Hernandez, Kagawa, Nani, Valencia and Young are more dangerous than what Arsenal have imo.

I think Chelsea need a few more players like Modric or Hulk before they can mount a serious challenge to City.

Also think this will be another City title come the end of the season.

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1) Man Cıty

2) Man Utd

3) Chelsea

4) Spurs

5) Arsenal

Dependıng on who Cıty wıll ınevıtabley sıgn, and who else Utd wıll add depends on the wınner I thınk.

Thınk AVB wıll do really well wıth Spurs, wıth a good few qualıty addıdtıons. Chelsea have a good young sıde who I thınk wıll flourısh aswell as probably goıng to buy another great player or 2.

Arsenal agaın wıll faıl to buy the world class defensıve players and Defensıve mıdfıelder they need whıch wıll probably see them fall away, I can see the Ox beıng fantastıc, whıle Podolskı faıls to fınd the consıstency he needs.

Hopıng for another great season and Newcastle beıng able to keep hold of all theır best players.and whıle I shouldnt and I dont even know why I do, I want a Jelavıc and Naısmıth partnershıp to lıght up the EPL

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Think the top 6 will be:

1. Man City

2. Man Utd

3. Chelsea

4. Arsenal

5. Liverpool

6. Spurs

Think the AVB situation will either work wonders for Spurs or fail miserably. Can see it being the later

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