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Ten in a row

Bad Robot

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Ok bears well this is my argument why tomorrow we really should be hoping to go into division 1 instead of division 3 which seems to be the opinion of most (not all) Rangers fans and the rest of Scottish football, yes them with all with their sporting 1ntegrity bs.

So where I’m going to start is that I’m going to ask you to do a role reversal here and imagine that the scum are currently sitting in our current predicament.

Now before anybody says all they care about is Rangers well all I can say is yes you might not care for them but you sure as hell love putting then to the sword as we have done for 54 titles and there’s nothing better than rubbing their terrorists loving scummy supporters noses in our victories. It’s what being rivals is all about and there’s nothing better when we’re on our day as beating other clubs don’t come close unless it’s a European challenge. I would think most bears would agree with this last sentence so here goes.

So the rebel scum in the east end have now been down into division 3 due to the financial mismanagement of their board and us as a club can now look forward to years and years of no real credible challenge in this so called top Scottish league.

So we have already won the previous title and the next three are guaranteed as after that our biggest rivals will most probably re-enter our league.

So that’s us sitting on 4 in a row without even breaking a sweat.

So our only real challenge within the last three years was to qualify for the CL and pick up every single penny in the CL pot as no other club will join us so we should get everything.

Ok I will admit that we have lost the sky deal which lets say at a maximum it’s was worth 3 million as season. If we qualify for the CL group stages even for only one year then we will get three years money back as we will be guaranteed at least 10 million for one campaign keeping in mind that Rangers earned 18 million euros in the campaign back in 2010.

So over the last three years we have held most of our squad and signed the odd player each year so we have a half decent squad keeping in mind we have a few billionaires on our board.

So where are the scum and what state are they in?

Well it seems they are cutting their cloth accordingly and haven’t spent much on players due to them being in the lower leagues and haven’t got much earning potential as season ticket prices have been reduced, they have no Europe and their transfer policy has been non-existent.

So their just in and we win the league which gives us five in a row.

Five in a row which is halfway towards ten in a row which is a realistic target especially where as our biggest rivals still haven’t got a team to challenge us.

So now our Board ask us the fans to invest in the team over the next five years and ask us if we would mind an increase in season tickets and a share sale.

Now we all remember back to their 9 a row when they gloated that for every ten pounds we would spend they will spend double and they did and it brought them success.

So will you put your hand in your pocket?

Off course you will and you know if we reach ten in a row we have almost equalled their titles as we are on 53 but this is on the assumption that no leagues have been taken from them due to their earlier EBT issues.

Now if we sitting at almost the same league titles as them and we have won the E cup in our past, who would you say is the best team in Scotland?

Who has these bragging rights?

This is the reality of Division 3 so Bears please be careful what you wish for.

For me it’s Division 1 and get back up next year and make sure they don’t run away with Scottish football.

Let’s remember there is no sporting 1ntegrity in football, not now and not back when that Japanese tour got cancelled.

It’s a myth and even if we have it do you really think anybody else really cares?

I cant really say anymore but im praying for division 1.

p.s. I can’t get a poll working but can someone put up a poll asking if the piggery is going to get boycotted in the future?

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It will take only 3 years to be back in the SPL, 1 if the SFA and SPL get their way which is most likely, we will be challenging immediately after coming back. Both clubs annual earning potential is similar when in the same league. I do not see them breaking away from us in any way, shape or form.

Celtics crowds are down, their season ticket sales are down, interest is down. TV money should be down very soon. They have already spoke of selling players and needing to sell to buy. 3 in a row is the most they will get be gifted. You give them too much credit.

We have a great chance to build both our future business model and a first team squad capable of sticking together for the next 5 - 10 years. Trust Ally to get it right.

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Without Desmonds ILLEGAL investments they will struggle to stay ahead of the pack for very long.

As for financial mismanagement....if our wage bill is half that of another Glasgow club, which has made less money than us, then what do you call their financial situation? Fraud? A joke?

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I think that is complete bullshit.

You could cut your post down to: I don't want us to go to division 3 because the taigs will win at least 3 more titles and they could(they won't) do 10 in a row.

Nobody outside the piggery will take much note of tainted wins in a one horse race....

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Sorry mate, i tried to understand your point of view but i can't.. I'm seriously not concerned with the paedo's or their tainted titles, im not bothered with them or their dirty rotten, infested LITTLE club.. They can chase, win and celebrate tainted titles for the next 10 years if they want, I don't care. I care about The Rangers, the BIG club!

This is how i see it going. We go down to Div3, and we lose a few more players, big deal, we'll prolly need too off load them anywho so we can get the running costs down. Once that's happened we build a squad round the youth, big Jig and who ever is left. Then we play our way up through the leagues all the while developing a solid core of youth, these young lads will gain a vast amount of experience along the way and prolly more important, they'll gel and form a dressing room bond and team spirit which will give us a solid foundation to build upon. Once we finally get back to the SPL (in our own time and when we're good and ready) we can take a look at the opposition and decide where we might need to add players to bolster positions, or give us a competitive edge.. We will then make our triumphant return (and believe me, they'll be begging for us to come back by then) and skelp the tims and the rest of the diddys all over the place while staring down on them from the moral high ground, raking up title after title and maybe a the odd run in Europe...

Fuck them all, Fuck them all!!

P.s. and if ra sellic do win 10 in a row do you think anyone cept themselves will even notice? they've been handed their last 2 titles and no fucker batted an eye lid! It's always been about us and our adventures, they live in our shadow, always have, always will. Even when we're in Div3 they'll still be in our shadow, winning tainted titles and beasting weans!

The next 3 years will be all about us and how the rebuild is going and how we're packing out Ibrox and taking record crowds to places like Arbroath, Elgin and Annan etc...

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We might miss 3 titles in the SPL but wouldn't it be wonderfull to win 3 SFL titles then take on the tims in season 4 what a glorious comeback.We might not win it in our first season but there's no way they'll get to 10.

I'm a proud Teddy Bear and I want us to do this in the dignifyed protestant way.

No surrender

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By going to Division 3 we have no one to say we haven't been punished enough

We will rebuild as we have over 80% of Rangers fans willing to back the club in Div 3

The SPL will crumble

Seliks selling power is now gone - Ki, Hooper, Izaguirre worth millons if the Scotish press say are now worth peanuts.

On top of this they will also lose their 11-1 vote and lose millions in income

As they start to realise this and come to their senses we will have a business plan that will blow them out the water!

We will be back bigger better and stronger

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Firstly, they will be lucky to reach the group stages every year, if they don't make it in the first year they won't have made any money over the year due to losses in sponsorships/tv etc. which is bound to have a knock on effect for the following seasons!

Also, do you see it taking 10 years for Rangers to rebuild a squad to win the SPL?

Your doing 2 things here, OVER rating them and UNDER rating our ability to rebuild a squad!

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4 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

Haha, nice bump!

Tell you what, it was closer than any of us really expected, but to stop those cunts on the final stage is absolutely orgasmic.

They fully expect to make it 10iar next season though.

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3 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

I remember the days of debating whether 1 or 3 was preferable after losing membership of the Premier Division. I think a lot of people have forgotten that for some of our fans they actually wanted to go to Div 3.

Most of the fans did.

They thought it would be plain sailing to get back up the league's.

I called it stupid and said so at the time.

You know what though. They were right and I was wrong.

If we had went to division 1, they would have put all sorts of point deductions on us and would have no doubt insisted on removing titles.

Going down those divisions almost finished us with a line of spivs and vultures lining their pockets at our expense.

When it really mattered though, we came through it and a decade of pain is being eclipsed with the joy of winning this title. We done it all by ourselves with not a bit of help from any other cunt. We have been whipped and kicked from everyone, with every obstacle possible put in our way and yet we are still proving to be the best club in the country.

Fuck them all, this title is in spite of every other cunt. It's ours and we fucking earned it and some.


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