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Pes 2013 demo out now


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Been playing it for the past few hours, Seems better than PES 12, Shooting is a joy and the AI is incredible far better than any other football game....but the animations are still not great and night matches just look awful.

Sadly not the game i was hoping for. Now if only Fifa could get PES AI

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Just played the demo and im in shock because this Pes is actually very good, the animations are much better and much more fluid compared to the last couple of years and you can actually defend! the way they have the manual passing/shooting is quality too and something fifa need to implement.

Massive step in the right direction.

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Pro Ev got themselves on the right track last year, though it had some really annoying things you wished could change. This years demo looks like it's had a good alter at these things, though not all.

I'm impressed, they're continuing the right way, but I bet there are still somethings I will find myself frustrated about when I buy the full game.

Crossing for a start hasn't been any good since Pro Ev 6.

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I actually hate not being able to celebrate your goal in your own way, sound stupid but it really pisses me off

Sometimes the Fifa celebrations just don't look that good. They did in Fifa world cup 2010 game because the camera changed and zoomed in, however they really just don't look as good as they could.

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9/10 for realism, 2/10 overall.

They try far too hard to make games realistic and it seems to be the priority over it being a fun, enjoyable game, which is also starting to apply to FIFA.

Another fail, not a patch on a game they made 6 fuckin' years ago. <cr>

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Was actually really surprised at how much better it is! Normally download the demo for Pro Ev and play 1 or 2 games then delete it but actually played a good number of games! Passing is so much better than FIFA this year.

FIFA will still trump it but may still buy it this year! Missed a Master League for far too many years!

Also those saying 5/6 was the best...4 was the best FACT!

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All they have to do is update the graphics and animations to a PS3 standard and they have a very good football game there.

They won't though although this is a demo build from months ago and a second demo will be released closer to the final product in September.

FIFA is still the game to beat and will dominate as usual, PES died when they moved to next gen which is such a shame as PES on the PS2 was the best football game ever made.

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