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No redundancies at Rangers.

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CHIEF Executive Charles Green has insisted there will be no redundancies at Rangers - despite the prospect of a massive drop in revenue - as long as the fans back the club in Division Three.

Green knows that the club will take a huge hit by operating in the bottom tier of the game and in normal circumstances there would be considerable cuts.

However, he told RangersTV that NO jobs will go - as long as supporters embrace the new situation.

He said: "For my team, for the manager and for the staff we still have big challenges.

"One of the issues is that we have lost a massive amount of revenue moving from European football to SPL football down to Third Division football.

"In any normal business opportunity you would have wholesale redundancies, we haven't done that.

"What I committed to the manager yesterday and what I am committing now to the club and the fans that if everyone supports this club we will not make any redundancies.

"We will suffer the losses that will inevitably occur but we need the fans to get behind us.

"I believe within the next one or two years there will be a massive change in football and we want to keep the people and the management team intact."

:clap: The club have certainly stepped up, now it's our fans turn. :21:

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For those who have doubted his commitment, myself included, the past week has show him in a different light.

We finally have someone in authority who will not roll over and follow the "dignified silence" approach of previous regimes.

Looks like the corrupt SFA and SPL will not be getting it all their own way from now on.

With CG leading the fight, hopefully ALL our fans groups and factions will unite and focus on the real enemies of RFC.

The Bears are coming! Beware!

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