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why haven we signed anyone yet

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Amazes me folk going on about 'quality', 'only signing frees', '12 players needed' etc etc. Remember where we are people!

Meh folk are greedy. I'd love tons more players, don't think for a second though that we 'need' them. We only have squads of 16 on match days. Can't afford to stockpile players

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I say we'll sign 2 players. 3 maximum.

And many will shit a brick despite us having an spl team for division 3

If they consist of two players who actually give us width, perhaps coupled with a decent utility defensive player or a pacey striker, then I think that wouldn't be too bad.

If we end up bringing in said amount, only to find they are similar or play mainly in the positions we already have sufficient cover for, I'd suggest that we might be having quite a few repeats of the Berwick game to look forward to.

Our seeming reluctance to bring in anyone who is an actual winger over recent years baffles me. An average to decent winger improves the level of our team greatly at present, even if it is only to give us other options. We have the skill to pass these teams off the park, and we are playing into their hands by knocking long balls up to Fran? <cr>

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Oh you cheeky little swine!

If you think we are signing anyone before tonight's game (ie. in the next 2 hours), then i'd suggest that you are a bit of a retard (tu)

Calm the beans

And yes, we do need wide players

Why a retard, they could have been introduced to the fans at half time.

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We wont sign anyone else thats us fucked the world is gonnae end blah blah blah ffs give ally till close of window tomorrow to show if he can deliver, im sure we'll get at least 1/2 more signings

what worries me tho is that it's ally himself saying we need 5/6 players not 1/2
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