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Disgraceful - Green and McCoist details put online by celtic yob

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That's what happens when the smaller team in the city is obsessed with the biggest one.

At least The Sun picked up on it.

Yep, was stunned that a negative story on Celtic fans made it to a paper. Better still, they even followed up with the cops regarding his statement of receiving threatening calls which the Police said he'd mentioned nothing about it.

I'll need to go lie down for a while

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So Ally and Charlie had to change their numbers, hardly a nightmare.

The papers make it sound like they had answered all the calls :lol:

A lot of dhims wasted a lot of their giros phoning their old numbers. :crabflute:

Shameful of the tim responsible playing the victim. Good that the cops denied it and showed him for the lying scum he is.

Lets hope we see some karma.

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I'm surprised he could be so careless with his personal information...lets hope he is hounded by every rangers fan that can access that information....what good for the goose and all that.....

Two wrongs never make a right we should be above this type of thing we are after all better than they are WATP

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