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Wallace has a hamstring injury

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If he is out for a wee bit then


Perry Faure Cribari Argyriou

Black MacLeod

Little Shiels Templeton


Perry isn't as bad at RB as people make out he played there several times last season in the SPL remember and did very well he had one bad game at RB this season in his first game back from injury with no pre season people on here have very short memories it seems give him a bloody chance.

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Fortunately, we've not got a game for a while so hopefully he'll be fit for Annan. If not, Argyriou to left back and Hegarty to right back probably.

Would rather make sure that he is fit for murderwell, just a shame it's not the watery farts and we could win 3-0 one each from wallace, black and templeton :lol:

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akes you realise it's the one position that we don't have a automatic 2nd choice for.

Who's coming through from the youth teams at LB?

The one position where there's not a natural replacement in what has been the first team squad so far.

Matty Clarke is the next left-back I can think of right now - can't see why he shouldn't play.

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I don't think it will be to serious...probably just s strain and just needs a week or so rest...I'd imagine he will always be keen to play for Scotland but after all the debate and grief he/black etc have been getting it may be that he doesn't want to risk further injury or have the same level of commitment..

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