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Or the Taigbot as I call her as if you argue with her she calls you a taig or asks if you've had your picture taken with the SPL trophy.

She logs on every night to neg rep my posts because I said she has a dick.

There's a few others but they're escaping me at this moment.

I notice you have been neg-repped again mate... :lol:

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Bogtrotters and LucyBlue are a fine example of why women and football just don't mix well.

GCL is a tim, plane and simple, how he has managed to stay on here this long is incredible.

The Bears Den is usually boring as fuck these days in comparison to the general football and Off-topic section.

FifeBearette is a fine example why women & football do mix well :D

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to answer some earlier threads i saw (page 9 i think) regarding comeoffit. A poster came on here about a month ago and said they saw a post in some other site (might have been pie'n'bovril), and the guy was saying he was a regular poster on RM and had a rep of around 50, and seriously badmouthed us. everyone immediately assumed it was comeoffit, and his rep collapsed. i'm undecided if it was him or not, but either way, pretty sad going on another teams site and pretending you are a fan. where do people get the time to be able to do this? obviously dont have kids. or a job.

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I get that quite a lot once I ineveitably have to point out that I'm not actually a fictional character from a movie based in LA but some guy from a wee town near falkirk. I've also had posters demand that I name which supporters bus I travel on :D

You mean you're not part of the LA true blue supporters club that jumps on the bus to go too Ibrox every other Saturday ? :ohmy:


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From the Rangers hating cunt who agreed with the Moron FC's chairman as he lied?


Everyone on this board knows you're a Rangers hating cunt - the votes on this very thread testify to the facts of the matter.

tick tock... :sherlock:

..... you get so much wrong ..... so often..... and you lie to cover yout tracks ,,,,,,what a sad wee lad you are.

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I literally have no idea, just thought I read someone saying such a thing earlier in the thread. I think I get you mixed up with another bluepeter who appears to be much more liked than yourself!

Ach the other Bluepeter is a mod/admin so folk just sook up to him.

I am just genuinely a nice chap.

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