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Do any of us support Scotland Anymore?

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I stopped supporting Scotland a while ago, long before all this carry on.

I just didn't see the point in it anymore, not liking a player and hoping they lose etc one week and then just because they are wearing a different top I'm supposed to support them? Just didn't make sense to me.

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im gonna ruin my plus rep here and say Yes i do i have my old white scotland top on with the light blue saltire on right now, i couldnt give a fuck about the SFA and all that pish i am Scottish and i support Scotland in everything they do as i do Rangers, also Andy Murray, Paul Di Resta, Chris Hoy and the rest

so fuck the SFA we dont care if they hate us but dont punish footballers whos highest achievements personally is to play for their country.

also the fans booing Black ... did the players also Boo him? naw they didnt so put your toys back in your prams and man up and stop being a bunch of crying face women and support your national team :)


also i do agree Levein is a wanker, used to like him but hes turned into a Football manager manager only picking guys that are playing in top flight regardless of performance

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Sitting in a pub in Jakarta having this conversation

Personally I've followed Scotland home and away...but for me not anymore.

My view is F#ck them and the SFA and the likes of Paysmith that play for them. Added to the treatment of Black in the last friendly does any bear really support Scotland now?

Its an easy decision for me as my mums family is all German so I could support them if i cared about international football but what about other fans?

Even Norn Iron have those two turncoats F#cks playing for them.

Another taig shit stirring thread oh goody.

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A 31,000 attendance at our second home game of a qualifying tournament to RIO..........fucking RIO!!!!!!! A dream destination to go and follow the Tartan Army should we qualify, but that was only a dream before the bastards at the SFA and their corrupt agenda against my real team commenced.......now for me and no doubt the majority of the Gers fans, Scotland can go and fuck themselves and get used to playing in front of half empty stadiums at the home of the corrupt....... if the Gers fan's where on board I'd by 99% sure we'd be nearing a sell out tonight, no doubt in my mind whatsoever, but Regan and Co. can take a fucking run and jump

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Won't want the team to lose like a lot of posters but like others don't abide the SFA especially as on this newly dubbed dual contract issue they have done what it says on the tin!

from their own website they state

"Governance is a primary responsibility and the appointment of a Compliance Officer and a move towards an independent Judicial Panel has enhanced the efficiency and transparency of the disciplinary process. Club Licensing, player and coach registrations, Referee Development and Coach Education are also key components of the Scottish FA’s wide commitment to the national sport."

Transparency of a brick wall, no chance will I support the SFA monetarily until they stop doing S**** F*** A**.

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