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Scotland v Macedonia Att: 32,430

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Templeton was slated for lack of ambition in joining us. 14,000 more people saw him debut against Elgin than would have done had he featured tonight.

Stand out Scottish player of the past month not selected because of the team he chose to play for.

Wonder if the new Scotland manager will dare to go against the boycott.

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Here's a question. If the management were to decide to play one of our reserve team fixtures at Ibrox, could we beat 32,430?

We couldn't do it with our 1st team against Falkirk this season so I'd guess not.

I'm in the same boat as the majority in that I struggle to support Scotland in the current situation.

But these international weeks bring out some fuckin roasters.

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At the game tonight, nine of us there, five bears, three of us have season tickets (the others support a range of other clubs).

Chatting to a few folk on the way back into town, still plenty bears going - and while none of us are fans of the SFA, we will all continue to support our country.

Good for you...i stll find your kind an embarrassment to our club though.

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i hate the SFA, i hate the tartan army, the managers a prick and the team is half full of English players. i will never attend a Scotland game ever again for the first 2 reasons, but i wouldn't wish defeat on the team. although that being said, i would happily see them pumped in the next few games if it got Levein out the door quicker

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