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Cops raid on ref Jeff Winter over bigot jibes

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FORMER Premiership ref Jeff Winter’s home was raided by cops over a vile sectarian rant on his website.

The cross-border Strathclyde Police swoop followed complaints about comments on Rangers fan Winter’s blog — including child abuse jibes and a twisted Nazi slur against the Pope.

Last night Winter, who is overseas, said he was unaware of the operation. He said: “I’m on the other side of the world on holiday so I don’t know anything about it.” The raid was carried out by the Glasgow-based Football Co-ordination Unit. Officers also targeted a property in London, linked to Winter’s pal Steve Goldby, 46, who is thought to help run Winter’s site. He was detained and later freed without charge.

The blog was posted after Celtic’s Old Firm win on December 28.

It said: “Celtic are top of the league!! What does it mean for altar boys? Do they get abused in celebration? Anyone who backs the Catholic Church fronted by a Nazi, kiddyfiddling protector deserves all the vitriol it gets.”

In January, Winter said he was taking “legal advice” and suggested he might not have written the comments. Strathclyde Police said: “The search is part of an inquiry in connection with alleged offensive comments on a website.”

What has he said that is untrue - as they say; The Truth Hurts !

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FACT 1 The pope has been proven to be a member of the Hitler Youth - a Natzi.

FACT 2 the roman catholic church has been proven in courts of law in just about every country in the world that they are GUILTY of paedofillia.

FACT 3 The pope is head of the roman catholic church and ultimately bears total



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Is this really what we pay the police for ? is this the greatest crime we have going on in the UK ? I dont suppose anyine was murdered, raped, sold drugs, commited GBH, robbery or anything else while this "raid" was taking place, this waste of tax payers money will be because some obsessed peasant from the tattidome will have spent hours trawling through the internet looking for something to be offended by, sad sad bastards.

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So we should expect a spike in dawn raids of houses throughout the land then.

Did the guy who abused Templetons partner have his door chapped.

What about the numerous idiots who threatened Nacho.

What about The many others on both sides who take a pop, in jest may I add.

Here's my take, it's freedom of speech and should be protected. I dont like being called a h** bastard just as my mate doesn't like being called a fenian bastard but we both agree on one thing, a freedom within reason to speak your mind.

I'm glad I live in WA the UK is awash with apologists and liberal socialists, what a sorry sectarian dictatorship you all live under.

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Wasn't this reported at the time and his website had been hacked? Maybe the fightback by Charles Green has got the real bigots scrabbling around for any negative story that can be attached to Rangers and its fans. The stench of desperation is sickening! This was from January 12th.


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