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I have it.

I was playing a French server last week and found a box which had nearly every item in game

in it, needless to say I now have a Rifle and Handgun with a silencer, loads of Ammo and everything

else like Nightvision, Sat Nav etc etc.

And I don't know your computer Spec CaptainAmerica but Arma 2 is something like 10 years old

so it doesn't need the best hardware around.

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Consider waiting for the stand alone version as the Mod (Day-z is a mod for Arma 2 combined operations) is heavily hacked, so there is always someone with a hacked sniper rifle ensuring your death (which is impossible to find in an honest game) or a group in a hacked vehicle/helicopter who'll hunt you down from the zombies you spawn on the map.

The standalone version is to meet the popularity of the mod and should address these issues.

Currently Day-z in it's true form requires a private server, Arma 2 Combined Operations and the bought 'hacks' to get through the game without the frustration of being robbed by hackers.

Also Steam is not the cheapest place to but the Combined Operations pack - this should be bought from the developers direct OR check forums for the cheapest current price.

It does have problems with hackers but, after having got hacks myself (to defend the server we rent) we are relatively ok, Preacher is just really, really shite at the game.

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Never came across hacks in the game. No idea what happens or what they look like.

My mates and I have put some serious time in and never seen anything untoward that we know of.

Really immersive game, gets the adrenaline going whenever you come across another player. Be warned though, for all you guys thinking about getting the game, at first you will mostly run and die. Once you get your sneaking technique and scavenging skills down it starts becoming really fun.

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Just not interested in sitting in the back of a hacked chopper OR spending all day fixing it and building camps wie knob end east-coasters and yanks ;)

Btw Fastrax - how much have you spent on that Day-Z mod? would that be close to £60 between 2 copies of the game and the hacks from a web-site? .......He got banned for hacking and had to buy it again, boo fucking hoo.

I'm away to play Day-Fucked, and build a shed in it.

If you think £30 is close to £60 aye. Remember its left mouse button to shoot

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