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After all the mud slinging towards our Club from all and sundry , from radio stations , papers and tv companies . Well after seeing specky chris at Ibrox lastnight , I reckon he should be first to be banned / suspended from our home , who would you reckon should never be allowed at Ibrox again :cgreen:

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Speaking of media (actually thought of starting a thread about this earlier - go, someone say there's a thread there and I'm too lazy to scroll down) but did anyone hear the Clyde phone in?

Normally its biased against us but that depends on personel and tonight we had,

1. Jim Delahunt. Host and biased as usual but met his match tonight.

2. Gordon Dalziel. Ex Ger but officially a Motherwell fan. Normally goes with the majority for an easy life.

3. Darryl Broadfoot. Definately a bear and outstanding tonight. Told it how it is.

There were a few calls which spring to mind but Darryl in particular stuck up for us, slated the SFA for there role in this summer's events and shot down a Celtic fan for greetin' that a third division side were getting better press for defeating the SPL leaders than another, poorer supported team got a week previous for a dire 0-0 draw at home against one of the poorer teams in their group in the champion's league.

Alot of people slate Clyde. I don't. I enjoy Bowie in the morning. I enjoy Bowie on a Saturday night. Is that an age thing? I loved it when it was Smirnoff GBX. However the phone in is only as good as the panelists. Tonight it was balanced and enjoyable and that is the only combination of panelists which work IMO.

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