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Murray Park Graduates


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Great effort mate...good read! Now is the time when Murray park and our youth system is even more important as these boys will get a chance...guys like McCabe and ness piss me off the way the left as well but also reading that you forget about some of them...letting go of McCormack was a massive mistake!

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Agree about Rhys McCabe,had the ability to become a top player for us.Of the others I feel Wilson and Ness were given poor advice and both could have stayed another 3-4 seasons and still got decent moves.

Jordan McMillan would also have become a regular had he stayed, but unlike the others mentioned i feel he had to move to progress his career.(would be happy to see him back tbh)

Didn't know big Gary had been called up for Scotland.

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What are your thoughts on Tom Walsh?

Excellent, he has a real chance. Attacking midfielder who can do something that wee bit different, sees a pass where others wouldn't. Still an under 17 player but has played U20/Reserves. This season may be too soon, next season he could make the step up if we are in Division 2

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Missed your articles, another great read, one advantage we have being in div 3 is that we've been forced to play some of these younger players and they've now got a chance of showing what they can do.

If I remember correctly I'm sure a few years back we were wanting to put a team in the lower leagues to give them experience and develop rather than having a reserve team.

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