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Aston Villa officially have a dig at us and Charles

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Villa were surprised late last week when a Charles Green took a swipe at the club.

Whilst admittedly bizarre and out of left field, Green did later apologise, as set out below, stating that he was aware of Villa's pedigree from a defeat of Sheffield Utd when he had worked there.

We are hoping that going forward Green will retreat to his day job and leave the cutting remarks for those standing on somewhat stronger footing.

Apology from Charles Green, Chief Executive of Rangers Football Club, to Aston Villa:-

"During a press briefing I was asked how I saw the future of football. I was explaining how I believed that the current situation where clubs in England are receiving massive revenues from television rights, yet remain behind the big clubs in England and Europe in terms of success in competition, is unlikely to continue forever. Some of my remarks were taken out of context and I apologise unreservedly to Aston Villa, whom I know full well to be a club with a proud history. I remember clearly - but not too fondly - them beating Sheffield Utd in the FA Cup when I was chief executive there."


I thought 'useless' was hilarious personally.

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The point he was making stands: these no-mark clubs are gifted hundreds of millions in revenue and are quite happy to maintain that station, whereas a club like Rangers, could never stand still and just accept a payout every 12 months. The fans wouldnt have it. Its very telling that they dont refute this.

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No need to apologise, Charles.

Useless club, shite club, shite home support, shite away support, shite support all-round.

Shite players, cunt of a Manager, just a cunt of a Club all round.

I would like to second CG's statement that they are useless.

If there is ever a new league, a European one that is, they will be playing with one of Scotland's smaller teams like the sheep, Dundee Hivs or c*ltic while we are rolling against the likes of Manchester United, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich :D

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Well stoke city, a club I support have doubled attendances in 5 years, they would soon be back to that level outside the premier league. We are not all delusional about the current state of affairs down south, just treading water every year IS boring. But while its worth 50 million plus a season that's all we will see.

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I guess they couldn't let it go and I understand that. Thought Charles was off-form when he made the remark. Let's settle for keeping our sights firmly fixed on the rogues in the SPHell and SFA who have done us real damage and who are still trying to do more. We've got enough to do to get back to where we should be without these types of distractions. After all, there's plenty of stuff for Charles to get stuck into up here in Scotland. And there are plenty of positives about Rangers to be promoted when it comes to raising money and to pushing for changes to league structures and the like without needing to make comparisons with other clubs.

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