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11 minutes ago, Queen's_highway said:

I've had that for over ten years. 

Heart disease runs in my family yet I've battered more gear than a Columbian drug Lord and still fine 

I would say that being morbidly obese is probably worse for your heart than all the gear you pretend to snort. On the plus side, you haven't had a ride in 11 years, so no exertion on your heart due to that.

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6 minutes ago, Blueshoff said:

I've had it about that long but this first time doctor wants me in to talk about it!

Said that to me and about my liver. Never went back to him about it  ?

I don't want to know lol. You always hear of people seeing the doctor and being told x amount of time to live. I wonder if you never see them would you last longer ?

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