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Waking up and realising I'm now a married man. Fucking magic.  

50 the day, wee wifey has tried to make it special, missed our wee week in Portugal, like many others, quaffing champagne and Stella, cheers lads and lassies 

😂Mrs having a go at me coz @TEFTONG posted his wedding photos and not me. Explained to her that you's are all bastards and that we're fatties. So fuck it, best day of my life.

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On 05/09/2020 at 02:21, born a blue nose said:

The new joe rogan podcast with mike Tyson has started class 20 mins in. He’s got in to fighting shape, chucked the weed the lot. Fascinating to watch 

Listened to it earlier, can see Tyson coming back to fight professionally

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