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2 minutes ago, 16BlueSherbert90 said:

Fingers crossed for you. Breakish is nice for views especially by the water.

When you come up towards Portree, Sligachan restaurant is a decent place for food, then could take a walk by the old Bridge and the waterfalls which are nice this time of year. Roads aren't too busy at present neither, so you should get around some decent spots for a change:) 

She's booked places and will tell me where to drive 😂 i don't care where. If it's nice twisty single track roads im happy 

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Waking up and realising I'm now a married man. Fucking magic.  

50 the day, wee wifey has tried to make it special, missed our wee week in Portugal, like many others, quaffing champagne and Stella, cheers lads and lassies 

😂Mrs having a go at me coz @TEFTONG posted his wedding photos and not me. Explained to her that you's are all bastards and that we're fatties. So fuck it, best day of my life.

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Coming back from amsterdam and realising what u already know that the UK are fucking dealing wae the virus very bad and just for politics scoring points.

In dam social distance but every cunt getting on with life. Not many face masks apart from the train airport.

Not saying the virus isnt a big deal but its spoke about to much in UK and the restrictions are fucking shite.

I will be quarantine for 14 days when am back but pass on to my granda his 800 fags lol which is killing him more.


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