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Ibrox big screens


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Remember when they used to show goals of previous game,ads etc.I feel they are underused on matchday and i'd like to see the corners filled in,increasing our capacity(unlikley at moment though).Anyone know what happened to the banners that covered the screens when they were not working couple of seasons ago.I remember reading they were going to stay on display permanently at Ibrox.I refer to the Always Remembered and Founding Fathers banners.

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The thing that struck me at the last game was that the view on the screens is actually smaller than the view from the Club Deck.

So unless they're going to use them better, with zoom-ins, different camera angles, replays, etc, then I say they're a waste of time, money and space.

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In time I'm sure we will attract companies to advertise on the screens, look around the stadium and you'll notice most of the billboard ads on the front of the stands is missing too.

I think in these times of recession companies don't have the money to advertise just now.

On the subject of the screens where the fuck did whyte get them ?

Second hand from gumtree or somewhere like that ! They are fucking rubbish.

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