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Charles Green on Talksport at 10:15am

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EBT issue still not resolved.

Commission sits in November for stripping titles. Would be a mindless act.

Contradicting Doncaster saying Scottish game is in the gutter.

Tried everything to save oldco. Were prepared to pay more to play in Europe.

We are oldco when it suits authorities, we are newco when it suits them.

Letter dated 18th May, SPL agree to pay Dundee Utd an outstanding debt. Failed to pay them. SPL still keeping our prize money from last season. SPL incompetant. Newco had to pay Dundee Utd in the end.

Got settlement with Southampton(Davis), agreed fee. Was paid to SFA, Green asked SFA to pay Hearts as we owed them. SFA say no and refuse to follow money onto Rangers. Green had to pay Hearts out his own pocket. I think he said £500k was paid to Hearts from his own pocket.

C Adam sell on fee. English FA, paid direct to Duff and Phelps, they are not due the money. Don't think he said if we got it in the end.

We are not due Jelavic money from Everton but we do have to pay Rapid outstanding fee.

Incredible stuff, more to come after the break.

SFA still witholding European money we earned. Refusing to release it.

We have settled European debts from oldco.

Club have had no one over last 5/6 years to fight corner.

Club not massaging attendances. No need to. Just look at pictures, not many empty seats. Allegation dismissed.

Our rivals are raging we have came out of this mess strong.

In awe at size of club but sad that something so great was in such a mess.

Non payment of tax brought club down. Craig Whyte to blame but plenty issues didn't help before he came in. Murray is accountable too.

His job to save Rangers not British tax payer.

Never worked with Craig Whyte. Ahmed introduced him to Whyte. Whyte introduced Green to administrators.

Zeus Imran Ahmed seems like a major player at Ibrox

Craig Whyte sueing club and D&P, he wants cut of shares issue.

Club not running out of money, not at all. Plenty investors.

Flotation was always on cards since Green took over.

Plan to bring on board non exec directors. Possibly non share holding people.

Fan rep will be invited onto board. There will be 2 boards. Club board and PLC board.

Fans have seen and heard what Greens vision is and he has done everything he said he will do. 37000 season tickets sold

Another break. Back soon.

Ticketus fuss. No involvement whatsoever, they were involved with Murray and Whyte. Not involved now. This years season ticket money is ours, in bank, Rangers money.

Not running out of money. He states again. No debt. No liabilities. Paying bills.

Were paying bills for administrators who ran out of money.

In August we sold season 37000 tickets including our own money(investors), clubs got cash.

Wage bill was £27m at takeover, now under £7m. :clap:

Next years season tickets on sale in May and club have will have 2 years season book money before season ends. Club in sensational financial state come end of season.

Will protect club with his life.

Not selling ground. That is utter nonsense. Allegation dismissed.

He might be Green but he isn't a cabbage.

Flotation was always on the cards. Nothing new. Was always in their plan. He promised he would do it so he is doing it,

If he done it next year club worth more, shares more expensive. Better for fans doing it now. :clap:

Fans should be allowed to buy shares at lowest price.

Minimum share purchase, £500. Can buy shares after club is listed. No rush.

23000 hits on website for shares. Over 10000 pledges. Over £21m in pledges. Some of them done it whilst wife out shopping, she may cut it! :lol:

Even half of that pledge is still amazing.

Initial aim to get in, fix us and get out. Like Nanny McPhee. (His words)

He now has Rangers-itis. Addicted to club.

Now wants to finish job and take us back to greatness.

Will be staying until we are back in Champs League. But may change his mind and stay until we win it.

Another break. So much more to come. He is staying for another 10 mins. Back soon.

SPL working on plan for reconstruction, SFL in on it too.

Scottish football in a mess.

Can't take SPL seriously. Can't forget how we have been treated.

He doesn't forgive and forget.

Has to be reconstruction.

Reiterated we will not play in SPL.

When we win SFL1, we will ask fans what they want to do.

Delighted with first away win yesterday.

If fans want it, we will go back to SPL but he will have no part in it, he will leave.

More viewers than any other Sky games watching Rangers matches.

We have power to tell Scottish football what is happening. Murray didn't want to use Rangers power within the game. Green will.

Green will get 10% in shares, no cash. He hadn't been paid since February. Only recently been paid salary. :praise:

Thinks there will be a European league in 5 to 10 years.

Man U valued at 1.2b, Everton valued at £300m. Rangers only valued at £30m, and wrongly. Not fair he says.

Fans want big games.

Ally never close to quitting.

Ally admitted Walter best pal, Walter trying to buy club, he had to support Walter. Green happy with that. Ally great honesty.

Walter was let down by investors. Deal collapsed.

Ally thanked Green. Green had meetings with Walter.

Would love to get Walter back involved, maybe on board or as an advisor.

Club short of football brains. Needs input. Needs help.

Green wants help, no afraid to admit it. He is open to people offering help.

Floating before Xmas.

And that is us. Done. Thanks Charles. :praise::clap:

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