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After the way we were treated what do you want to happen to Hearts

Poor third division feeder club.....  

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  1. 1. Do you want them...

    • Liquidated and out of football all together
    • Liquidated and relegated to the 3rd division as the SAME club
    • In Administration
    • I dont want anything to happen to them and hope they are okay
    • fuck hearts/Dont care
    • Other

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Dear Mr Doncaster -- Killie Johnson and Scumdee utd Tit Thompson just last week you were ALL in the mhedia stating how good things were in the SPL but appears one of your own is about dead --- Now it begins what you were all told would happen ( not quick enough for me still) ------ I don't consider Twats the club to be one of the worse -- they been pretty good for us recently and before --( selling Templeton well under his real value -- knocking £100.000 off the Lee Wallace total out of sheer desperation) BUT hey you reap what you sow and bye bye don't care what happens to them really Rangers are what matters as long as it hurts them and their moronic fans and the rest of the scum that is scottish football so called top teams :rip::)

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Ultimately don't care, but it would be some kind of karma for them to limp on for a long time just surviving and no more. Living properly within their means, without us, and see how many of them still turn up after finding out how pish their team should have been all along.

Hibs-Hearts merger!

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What do you want to happen to them? Unable to complete fixtures, liquidated and in the third division next season for me. SPL ruined as only 11 teams competing this year and no TV deal signed or next season due to the mess. Sweet!!!

Only interested in fairness.

Just hope they get the help and treatment we got.

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I would not wish the staff and supporters of any club to go through the torment we have suffered with our club since February.

I will never however forget nor forgive the hatred expressed towards Rangers when we were on our knees and and other clubs and their supporters were lining up to kick the life out of us.

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Hearts owner,Romanov,was particularly scathing in his attacks on Rangers.I seem to remember the word "cheats" being used.Do I have any sympathy?None.Do I want to see them die?No,they are a major Scottish club and the game would be poorer without them.Division 3,no more,no less.

Just as we rightly pointed out that Craig Whyte, was not Rangers and his crimes were his and not ours, its the same that Romanov is not Hearts and his behavior is his and not the clubs. Their fans are pretty anti-Rangers though so in that respect i understand the dislike for them.

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I dont want any preferential treatment. No help from any Organisation.

There was never any danger of us dissapearing, simply because of our massive fanbase.

But Hearts dont have anywhere near the support we have. Theres a great chance they could fold completely.

Hate to say it, but good riddance to any team in trouble now. Glasgow Rangers all the way.

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Don't give a fuck, it's the SFA and SPL i want collapsed.

At the end of the day all of the shit with our club and Hearts went on with them fully aware and the sat idle. They are not progressing our game in any way, it's just stagnating, they should be deemed unfit for purpose by FIFA and a new structure brought in.

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I chose option 2 for consistency of the treatment we got - the precedence has been well and truly set!

However. my boss is a jambo and his reference in the summer to me was (and I quote) "you Rangers fans have a very high opinion of yourselves and what you bring to Scottish Football". so, with that in mind, fuck 'em all. They are simply not as big as us and would never cope with demotion the way we have, selling the place out, etc so I'd imagine they'd rot for a long time. I hope a domino effect starts now with Dundee Hibernian high on my "next" list in that house of cards. Plus I've sat in Yorkston's office for work and he is indeed a cunch!

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