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I remember Darren Cole has been injured but trying to find out how far away he is from returning is impossible. The lack of information about him is amazing. If we are having a defensive crisis then surely, if fit, he would be mooted as cover. If he is injured, when will he be fit?

As for Mitchell, I'm about as close to getting on the bench than him. Is he also injured?? If not why has he fallen from the face of the planet. He looked ok last season and could do well at this level, his love of a tackle would be a bonus.

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Cole only came back from injury a couple of weeks ago and played in a reserve game, according to reports he was a bit out of sorts and cost a goal. So he probably needs a bit more time to get up to speed and more importantly needs to perform well and earn a shot in the 1st team.

Don't know what happened to Mitchell.

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The fact is they just aren't that good, Mitchel worked hard, had decent pace and got stuck in when given a chance last season but he looked like he had never seen a football before and he seemed like getting sent off at any minute. Cole apparently has a stinking attitude and was dropped by Partick Thistle after a few games so if we couldn't even cut it with them at 20 years old it suggests he will never make it at a club like Rangers.

They have been getting outperformed in the reserves by younger players in Tom Walsh, Darren Ramsey, Luca Gasparotto, Ryan Sinnamon, Callum Gallagher and a few more anyway.

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Mitchell has been playing left back for the reserves, not entirely sure why when he was playing right mid last season but clearly the coaching staff see something in him playing there.

Cole's just back from a long term injury so it'll be a while before he's ready to play first team football, will need a good month or two of reserve games before he's anywhere close to match sharpness. Also heard first hand that Naismith was rather cocky at Thistle, but Cole was simply shaky in his performances and that's why he didn't feature too much.

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Mitchell is a midfielder. I can't say I was very impressed in the times he played at the end of last season, looked decidedly average to me, however, having seen parts of reserve games and heard reports from people who have been to most of them, Mitchell should be nowhere near the defence in our first team. Some of the reserve defending has been comedic at times and with many of the goals we have conceded, he has looked totally lost.

If we get to the stage where he is playing full back for us, even at this level we are in for a few problems.

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