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Sad news :( What kind of cancer is he fighting?

It's liver cancer.

All the best Sandy. I watched you as a kid then teenager as one of the best right backs in the world. What we'd do for somebody of your class right now.

Keep fighting mate. We're all behind you and if anybody can do it you can.


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Read the first 2 pages so I don't really know how the next 8 panned out. However I would love it if there was a collection at the next home game for either something like cancer research or the like. I know that money to go directly to Sandy would not make a difference . I also know that money to a charity such the like will not cure this horrible disease.

However holding a can at the next home game for cancer research would really be an excellent gesture.

I don't make a lot of games because of work but I think I will be at our next home game. And I would love to stand outside the ground holding a can to help cure this horrible disease!

God Save Sandy Jardine!

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I remember first hearing of Sandy Jardine, I was a young guy and my fathers friend was opening up a fishing shop, and on the wall..there was a painting and if my memory serves me correctly, it was painted by Sandy!

But I may be wrong and it may have only been signed by him, but I'm sure he was the artist.

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I read a lot about cancer research and the breakthroughs they are making and just a fortnight ago they were experimenting with a new Chemo treatment for Liver cancer which envelopes the whole Liver and attacks the cancer cells stopping them from spreading or leaving the organ and therefor kills it.

Now it's not a cure but one surgeon called it "phenomenally groundbreaking".

That gives Sandy and all who have had or witnessed this disgusting disease first hand hope.

God Bless Sandy .

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