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Mini Appears Again

Edmiston Drive

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Took a read of the back page of the record this morning in the shop..and there was the bold upholsterer mini murray saying we are owed millions in compensation........... my first thought was....fuck, he wants this money to buy the club :7325: but then thought no, couldn't possibly be that, then, wait if he hadn't fucked about we might not have had whyte and no administration re non payment of PAYE and NI........then my mind drifted back to the days when newspapers were used to wipe your ass after a keech and thought(smile on face) that would be a could article and picture to use for that ass cleansing :7325:

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i agree mate but who gets the compensation?

Good question, if the oldco get it it goes back to creditors anyway, the club should probably be the ones who get it, they are the ones who have been punished for nothing. The club, the staff, the fans and the brand have all been affected by this disaster. I am not as bothered about compensation as i am about seeing those conspirators brought to task, all of them, from the media to those within HMRC.

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If the old co win compensation from bloggers and HMRC and as well as 25m from Craig Whyte and Collyer Bristow would it not be in a position where it could actually fully pay its creditors now that the 90 odd million has been removed. That would mean we could amalgamate the two debt free companies once more.

It's a fantasy I know but worth thinking about!

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Murray is saying damages of up to £50m should be claimed and the case against C&B is for £25m. Hypothetical question as I can't see it happening but what would actually happen if damages are claimed and won against HMRC and C&B that exceed the debts? Would the excess just go into Craig Whyte's pocket as he would still technically be the majority shareholder of the oldco?

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We should be due compensation, millions in fact. The damage done was IS horrendous.

Fixed that (tu)

The damage continues and will remain till we are back in Europe.

We still have the transfer embargo.

As much as I am enjoying watching the sphell suffer --- we are not in the top league where we belong.

Niccolo Machiavelli said; "If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared."

I believe that we are to be feared --- lets go after all those who injured but failed to kill our club.

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