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Vindication -Chris Graham

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Good article,

Well done Fury.

Have to agree about STV sticking mainly to the facts throughout all this.

BBC Scotland need to be brought to task over there reporting of the story.

They have been blatant in mis-reporting the facts, I watched the 6.30 show The day we won the tax case. They refused to acknowledge that we had won, prefering to make out that Barca 72 had been won by 'old Rangers' which had nothing to do with the 'new club'.

We all know the facts. BBC Scotland refuse to report them correctly.

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I do not for one moment dispute their right to address this matter. It was obviously extremely complex and they felt they had a case.

====While I agree with almost all of what Chris states I would take some issue with this part.

It may well be complex but then so are lots of things in life. Brain surgery is complex so guess what? if ever they find I have a brain and it needs an operation then I will go to an expert. You know so eminent surgeon who has more than a rough idea about how to deal with it.

And so it should be with tax.

The actions of HMRC have roughly in my estimation cost the following

9 million stolen from the staff at Rangers

26 million stolen from ticketuss

5 million of your money ie as a tax payer spent on this false action

Bond holders lost out

26000 share holders lost out

Pick a number for all other debt

Add to that if it were not for the players and fans of Rangers people would now be on the dole.

So yes complex it may have been but using people at HMRC who knew what they were doing would have avoided all of this

This is not a minor error

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A good bit of writing by Chris.Now, living in Australia kind of puts us in the dark as regards what exposure stuff like this is getting on mainstream media (I guess somewhere between,not a lot-fuck all) where we need it to be pushed to the masses and not just to Rangers fans who know the truth.

There's no chance that the BBC or even Channel 4 would do a programme that NAMES these bawbags who have done their best to smear our name with lies,duplicity and downright criminal means AND show watertight evidence of their crimes (YES! they are crimes, in my eyes) but that's what needs to happen as far as I'm concerned, so step up to the plate STV and score yourself a ratings victory by telling it as it is.

I just hope that David Murray doesn't take the easy way out and let these cunts off the hook by not suing the arse off each and every one of these ratbags who tried and failed to kill off Rangers FC.

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it should be remembered that traynor also took evidence of whyte not paying tax to the sfa to try and have them halt what whyte was doing before it became a problem, but unfortunately the sfa decided it would rather watch us suffer than stand up for our fans.

I still believe that the sfa's refusal to help or notify anyone when presented with said evidence should be explored in a court of law or atleast with fifa's/uefa's tribunal process. These actions are as low as a governing body can go.

I couldnt agree more with the above - the only problem is how we go about it?

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Absolutely brilliant article. A real tour de force.

Also very pleased to see the term "a football equivalent of ethnic cleansing". I've said as much myself.

Great work, Chris. You truly are a Bear to be reckoned with. You tied Spiers in knots, not in itself difficult given the flawed and inconsistent simplicity of his debating style, but to do so with such style and emphasis was sheer class.

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