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Lee McCulloch brands former Rangers owner Craig Whyte a 'disgrace'.

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LEE McCULLOCH last night blamed Craig Whyte for putting everyone connected with Rangers through months of misery they could have avoided.

The Ibrox skipper was pleased when his club finally won their long legal battle with HMRC over the Big Tax Case investigation last week.

But that ruling also left him raging because he realised Gers would have been on a sound financial footing had the disgraced former owner not failed to pay around £15million of PAYE and NI during his nine months in charge.

Whyte’s ill-fated reign put the club into

administration then liquidation and they are now starting all over again in the Third Division.

It has left a sour taste in McCulloch’s mouth and he’s angry Whyte refuses to take responsibility for Rangers’ collapse.

He said: “I’m delighted for Rangers that the tax case finding went in favour of the club. But it also leaves me frustrated, raging and hurt.

“Everyone connected with Rangers has been let down by Whyte – yet he appears not to be bothering about it all and still blames others. It’s disgraceful. Hundreds of thousands of Rangers fans have suffered.

“They have been taunted and ridiculed. I know what I’m talking about because I come from a family of Rangers supporters and many others stopped me in the street to talk about their concerns. It has been a horrible period and it all could have been avoided.

“When the club was in administration it was a difficult time. It was a stressful period that put a lot of strain on ourselves and our families.

“I was a difficult person to live with at that time. I feared losing my job and never being allowed to play for Rangers again.

“It took its toll on the dressing-room but the players, management and supporters never needed to go through it.”

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There has been so many lies and so much misinformation surrounding our financial troubles but ultimately White broke us. If the Rangers Tax Blog had been treated for what it was, an attack on Rangers solely because we have a Protestant Heritage, rather than an exclusive on corruption White would never have been given the opportunity to almost kill us. The source of the leaks to the RTC Blog is every bit as culpable as Craig White.

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Well said Lee.

Now let's hear from one and every ex-player, manager, coach, tea lady, kit man, groundsman and even the folks that sweep the ground after a game.

Folks livelyhoods and their well-being have been put at risk because of this fucking mess and tangle of lies.

Criminal investigations must be conducted and charges brought against the culprits. Everyone of them!!! No quarter given!!!

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How fickle football fans can be, at one point u would get slaughtered for suggesting he should be playing or even have a remote amount of ability.

However now he is a living legend who will never be forgotten in many hearts and minds as the years go by.

Same as many on here, have nothing but admiration and pure pride when u see jig wearing the Gers top...top man!

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Why does every article written about us say that 'the club was liquidated.'?

The club was not liquidated, C. Green created a new company and purchased the club from the old company and then put the old company into liquidation.

At no point in the process was the CLUB ever involved in any form of liquidaton.


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Well said Lee.

On reflection did Whyte ever put his hand in his pocket for Rangers?

Probably never even bought a ticket

I don't think he did but he kept maintaining he never took a penny out. I still think his non-payment was a negotiating strategy to get a deal done for the BTC. If there was no BTC, DM wouldn't have needed to hand pick whyte to do his dirty work.

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Well said Lee- ist pathetic how Whyte still won't accept he fucked Rangers.

But nothing will happen to Whyte - its criminal as he's a blackmailing shyte of a little man - he never put a penny in Rangers all he did was take. Sold the Arsenal shares and fraudulently sent another £250,000 to Banstead FC to pay off his associate Aidan Early.

Its a shame that they stopped capital punishment 100 years ago as these two need to be hanged. Strathclyde Police have already pulled their investigation very quietly - just a publicity stunt.

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big jig has came into his own the season .. my all time hero was the hammer .. but big jig surpasses this . i fucking love him ...if i met him in the street id :spraise: and tell him im not worthy :000000082:

Mate.... WE are ALL worthy.. WE are Rangers. (tu)

Big Lee has proven he's a real Rangers man. Leads by example. He knows the score.

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