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Where do we go from here

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“The last few days have brought much needed good news, but not a decisive blow against SPL/SFA. In terms of the over all fight, it has been the equivalent of El Alamein during WWII, the first real victory rather than a massive wounding blow that will eventually turn the fight in our favour once and for all such as Stalingrad was and even than it might take a long time till a final victory is secured.”

A few weeks back I posted the above after the publishing of the document showing attempts to force the stripping of titles from Rangers and the collapse of the disrepute chargers against CG. Well this week we have had our Stallingrad, the war between Rangers and the SPL/SFA is not over, but its out come now leans firmly in our direction.

So where do we go from here?

There is surely enough leverage for CG & Rangers to seek a legal ruling on the measures, both football and financial that we were forced to accept to gain our licence to play in the SFL. Likewise there must be moves by Rangers and BDO to have the money being held by the football authorities released along with the payment of interest covering the time that the money has been held. The key to this is the statement by LNS where he states that the club is still the club. The fact is the players signed for the club and as such become assets of the club, if the assets are sold so are the player’s contracts and as such any money generated by the transfer of these players belongs to the club. In the case of money generated by the club under the ownership of the old company who owned the club that should probably go to the liquidators to be paid on to those who were owed money at the time that it went into administration.

There may be a case for legal action by SDM and other share holders in the company that owned Rangers as the effect of the BTG was the driving down of the value of the club and as such the financial loss incurred by the share holders.

There must be a full and proper enquiry into HMRC’s handling of the case against Rangers and proceedings taken in court against any employee of HMRC who was leaking documents to internet blog sites. Part of this should also investigate any possible links between those pushing the case from within HMRC and any organisations within the football community who stood to benefit from its effect on Rangers.

There must be a full and proper enquiry into the actions taken by the SPL/SFA in relation to how they have dealt with the situation that arose at Rangers. Part of this should also investigate any possible links between those pushing the case from within the SPL/SFA administration and any clubs within the football community who stood to benefit from their on-going actions against Rangers.

If any collusion was to be found between anybody representing a member of the football community and the actions taken by HMRC and the SPL/SFA then there would surely be a legal case for massive damages against them and the club they represented. I can think of at least four clubs in Scotland whose fans should be a little more than worried and indeed one club more than the others.

In respect to the SFA independent commission one wonders why they do not do the honorable thing and admit that it was a wrongly conceived process and seek the resignation of Neil Doncaster and anybody else who promoted the launching of the commission within the SFA structure. There is a perfectly valid argument that the process could not be seen as independent due to the involvement of LNS who had previously had a decision against Rangers deemed illegal, and the inclusion of Rod McLenzzie.

In the case of Rod McKennzie as a former legal representative of Celtic and someone who does nothing to hide his support of that club surely there is a case for him to be removed from the SFA independent commission process. I believe that it can be argued that there is a prima facia case that he cannot be deemed to be impartial as the only beneficiaries of this process would be the club he supports and has been a legal representative of in the past. Furthermore I would suggest that any information gathered for the SFA hearing is discarded for that reason. I am not saying the McKennzie has actually done anything wrong, what I am saying is because of his connections to Celtic he should not have been involved at all as it could been deemed a conflict of interest. I notice that CO did excuse himself from any involvement for the very same reason.

Let’s not forget that when his involvement became public and doubts were raised about his impartiality the SFA responded that he was a “low level information gatherer”, now after the events of a few weeks ago the hearing has been postponed due to his injuries in a car accident and he is described as being crucial member of the commission process. Surely this does not tie up to the previous description of his duties and as such he should be removed from the process due to any possible conflict of interest. I would love to hear the views on the Law Society of Scotland on this point. :2gunsfiring_v1:

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The fact that this case is not to carry on without Mckenzie points to many doubts about his involvement in this case.

There's far too many conflicting stories coming from the SFA/SPL to give their contiuation of this so-called independant commision any credence at all.

I don't think inquiries provide a decent resolution to anything they inquire into, but there certainly need to be some high profile investigations into what's happened and if it has to go to civil/private courts, then so be it. But unless that happens, there will always be the cloud of sectarian, bigotted corruption at the heart of these false accusations.

I suppose we await the resolve of folks with some money and the exposure of further evidence as to the 'real' nature of these punishments and accusations in the media and blogs.

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