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Elgin City fined £25k

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They must be desperate. Does the money help keep them in business or something for another 5 years?

I don't imagine NOT having the Cup tie would have any great effect on their financial strength and, to be honest, without it they would still be playing football in 5 years time.

What I can't understand is the logic behind this. Unless they merely oversold without realising there is something else behind it. I would say it's definitely a given now that we will be in the 2nd Division next season and, with the January window approaching, perhaps they seen an opportunity to make as much as possible and then strengthen their team which in turn would give them a better chance at promotion through the play-offs? Which would then give 4 more games against us next season should they be promoted?

Its something that can really grow arms and legs regarding the possibilities. However, with the Scottish Cup tie next week and the money that comes with that, I don't see why they've risked a televised clash knowing about next week and knowing they have another home game against us before the end of the season.

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they should be forced to reimburse gers fans for travel etc by not recieving their cut of the cup game, and the chairmen involved if found guilty of purposfully risking lives for cash cannot be deemed fit to run a club. They can keep their points the team achieved them not the board.

think some fans are being a bit generous with elgin. It wasnt a mistake they printed thousands of extra tickets after as they have admitted they knew the game was sold out. As for admitting to the police what they had done that could have easily been after the police asked how people were still getting tickets after they had advised them the game was sold out, and were looking at opening an investigation into fake tickets.

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It's nowt to do wi' us. Let the SFL & Elgin sort it. But they've not broken any football rule so taking points would be over zealous.

I think their over egging the prices was worse, that's profiteering at fans expense. Over selling just seems to be a big feck up.

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Will you be saying that if we are found guilty of "dual contract" use by the SPL?

We don't know the full circumstances of the weekend postponement and until we are made aware of the facts we should refrain from passing judgement.

If we were indeed quilty then yes we should be punished in some way yes.

1100 tickets don't get printed by mistake. They know what they were doing and I'll judge them as I see fit. Greedy bastards.

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Hope that they do not deduct points from them.

Agreed, I would rather we gave them a nice pay day rather than them forfiting the match out of a mistake. I also think it's really unfair on the players, backroom staff and fans if they are deducted points.

Hopefully the SFL make the correct decision and just let the game go on at a later date.

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What a ridiculous article, will never happen due to longmuir having common sense.

I dont know how they managed to over order, maybe a lack if communication with the company that makes temporary stands and they got the numbers wrong, a points and fine penalty do not fit the crime (if there is one)

A paper filler realy, eh?

Anything negative to do with Rangers is fine, even if it's not their fault, although I can imagine some that could twist this story to make it ours.

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