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Elgin City fined £25k

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Hats off to the SFL, they dealt with it swiftly and fairly.

£25K fine, £5K of which to a charity of our choice and our expenses.

Elgin will do well from the cup game at the weekend so they can meet this and the division is still competitive.

Best of all it has been dealt with in a matter of DAYS not WEEKS....TAKE NOTE SPL!

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Glad they did not lose points.

Mr Longmuir has shown he runs a tight ship in the SFL.

He has moved swiftly and dealt with the situation rather than have it rumbling on for months.

Fans will get the money back for tickets which is better than what happened with dundee hibs a couple of years ago.

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Still think the fine's a bit steep for a club their size, unless their f-up was deliberate (which I tend to doubt.).

They will make more than enough to pay the fine and make up for any losses from that match, from the upcoming scottish cup fixture at Ibrox, even if we only get 20,000 they will be quids in.

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Glad to see the SFL dealt with this quickly, unlike that other mob the spl who wait until clubs are ripped apart before making decisions.

A fare punnishment .

I think it's a fair punishment.

A FARE punishment would try and tell the world that Elgin are really, really bad people.

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If Elgin were made to forfiet the match 0-3 like they should have, then it would be worse than the fine.

At least now when they game does go ahead, they start on -25k, i think they'll still turn a profit.

was the game to be on TV? that'll answer why there was no forfiet probably, then the league would be loosing money and probably alot more than 25k.

usual financial driven desission regaless of the rules.

this way they get 25k, and dont have to reneg on ESPN deal wich would probably catty a bigger financial clought

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Hope that they do not deduct points from them.

Im of the same opinion amigo, in fact i dont want elgin punished at all.Fuck sake its a top of the table clash, i think it was a fuckin joke it was called off in the first place.Scottish 3rd division,game called off due to inflated crowd,sold too many tickets, oh my god!Only in scotland where the wee get starved of cash every year, crowds of 200 are more the norm,yet here we are, the mighty gers are coming to town,and Elgin get punished for selling too many tickets? Is anybody in scotland for fuckin real?

I for one will confess while we were chasing titles in the spl, that i thought this was just a cloggers village league, watched by tiny crowds,and the tiny crowds may well continue when we are gone.

But in any other country in the world where a game is a sellout, people locked out, live on the tv,its a no brainer that people will watch it,in fact i believe that both us and Elgin should have hyped it up even more.Really got it on in interviews on ESPN and such.

These wee clubs have never taken the piss out of Rangers, instead they welcome our massive support in appreciation of swelling their coffers enough to guarantee their existence for the next 4 years, it really has been a breath of fresh air this season..Sometimes the football has been second to the tackling and poor first touches,but the wee teams have raised their games every time against us, especially on the telly.

Us away at Elgin was for me the best fixture in scotland this weekend.I was really genuinely excited about the game, ive been saying it for the last 3 months, i had my flights booked the lot,if it was a game against the tinks i would not have been more disappointed i didnt go.

No matter the small mindedness and narrow mindedness of the bigots who administrate scottish football, of those shitey teams like motherwell and st mirren, hibs, killie, celtic, sheep, du, dfc, ict .All of them were embarrassed, they have realized they only sell out when the gers come to town,the tinks support have shown their real true colours, only half filling their shithole after they played in the cl midweek.

Lets get out of this fuckin country Rangers! Scotland doesnt deserve us.

Maybe we could offer Elgin to play at Ibrox and split the gate 50-50 to make sure they gain more money than they have paid in fines.That would be true footballing spirit.These clubs only recieve about 30000 a year max from the SFL/SFA i believe? correct me if im wrong please, and they want to fine them 25 grand? for what exactly?maybe they need to ensure that the mhanks , or jambos dont break any more SPL rules this week by not paying their staff.

Im convinced now more than ever that scottish football in the top league is finished.They dont have a fuckin clue.They can take our titles , they have tried to discredit and destroy one of the biggest clubs in europe, one of only 2 clubs that have brought any sort of recognition to football in this cesspitt of a country..It is a fuckin embarrassment.I believe i could run the game in scotland better than it is now.Poor wee Elgin City, crackin wee team as well.If any of your support are reading this, please accept my deepest apologies that we were going to make you nearly 70 grand in attendance of this game alone, then you have the tv money and advertising you have lost.I hope you will say a big thank you to the same grampian police who let our bus get bricked in aberdeen city when they "escorted "us after the Peterhead game first game of the season, who said there was a risk to human safety if the game went ahead.What about the poor cunt on our bus who nearly lost his sight when the window went in on our bus that day after being left by grampians finest escort.

What a fuckin country this really is.

No Surrender


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