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What happens if the SPL plans go ahead?

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Every other league is run by common sense. The splits always make a team play mire at home than away, and aside from that it looks really amateur but it's asif the board of loonies think it's some great idea.

The splits are boring. It would in the new format not throw in 29 games each, will the season end in February?

It's an absolute shambolic decision and im just hoping the rest of sfl realize how bad it really is

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We are not in a hurry to get back to the top league, The Spl's plan for reconstruction can only work if we are in the league, they want this new league asap they have just posted a loss of 12 million, they cannot put a brave face on it for another 2 years.

CG has made it clear we are in no hurry, we will not be blackmailed into giving up the tv right again(something they all forget when saying they can live without us)

CG has made dundee hibs look like mugs this week, the begging from them to keep the proceeds was a spectacular og and shows the true state of there finances.

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It aint gonna happen, The SFL now hold the balance of power because they have the Counties biggest club, why would they give all the top teams in the SFL over to "THEM" and leave themselves with whats left in division three. My view is search for any avenue to play elsewhere or stay in the SFL the thought of ever playing any of those bastards and putting bread on their table makes me feel ill.

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