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Walter Smith "they played a part in sinking Rangers and that can’t be forgiven"

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RANGERS will take no fans — but Walter Smith insists they were left with no choice.

Ibrox legend Smith claims it’s Dundee United’s fault thousands of Gers supporters will stay away from Tannadice for February’s Scottish Cup clash.

Smith spent almost 20 years at United as player and coach.

But he believes United had it in for his beloved Gers last summer and this is the price they have to pay.

He said: “The Rangers board felt they had to make that decision. I don’t know the entire background, but Dundee United were fairly vociferous against Rangers last summer.

“So I don’t think any club can be expected to accept the kind of criticism that was coming from United and not have a reaction to it.

“Rangers are right to boycott — and that comes from a man who was 20 years at Tannadice.

“The whole situation has left a bitter taste in everybody’s mouth from a Rangers point of view — and it is not good for Scottish football.

“Of course, it goes against the grain, telling fans not to go to a game. It is a sad decision.

“But all Rangers are saying is they are not taking tickets.

“If a supporter feels he has not missed a game for ten years and does not want to miss this one, he is free to make his own decision.

“But we felt we had to show we remembered what happened.”

United wanted Gers to forego their share of the ticket and TV money from the tie.

Charles Green has refused, insisting he will take every penny he is entitled to and hand it over to charity.

With the SFA backing Gers, Smith added: “We are not going to go up there and play for nothing, are we? It is the Scottish Cup.

“Sometimes, when Rangers play in the Cup, there are hardly any fans from the other club there — but the gate gets split.

“So I don’t think it matters if our support turn up or not.”

Smith won’t become part of the Rangers board until after the Ibrox share issue.

But he is already a key ally to owner Green who pulled off a major coup on convincing the Ibrox legend to support him.

Smith was teaming up with Celtic legend Davie Hay, Ally Dawson and founder David Duke to promote the Street Soccer scheme which helps troubled, homeless and disadvantaged adults. He said: “It is natural for anybody, after the previous owner, to feel sceptical.

“I don’t think Charles Green or Imran Ahmed expected to come in and everyone would welcome them with open arms. They have got to show what they are about.

“Like some people before them, if they come in and make a bit of money then great.

“But the main thing is they are in it to get Rangers back to the position they belong.

“Where it goes from there, I don’t know.

“Whether they put the club up for sale later, that does not matter. What happens over the next few years, we need to get back into a position you would associate with Rangers.

“From my own point of view, having been asked to join the board I would be letting everyone down at a time when they needed my help.

“But I had to have a good think about it, because I always thought board positions should be businessmen.

“I have always just been a manager. But Charles was at pains to point out the inexperience they have in terms of Rangers overall. They felt as though they needed someone to come in and help them.

“It is not a role that will involve me doing anything on the football side. That is Ally McCoist’s job.

“I would never have ventured into this if I thought that would be the case.

“I never wanted anybody in that position when I was a manager and I won’t be in that position now. Charles just wants to tap into my experience to help Rangers move forward.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co...l#ixzz2EK48pTvU

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Should add this as well:

WALTER SMITH has warned that Rangers will NEVER forget those who turned against them.

The Ibrox legend insists Gers will soon return to the very top of Scottish football.

And he has promised that they’ll always remember who the club’s critics were when they get there.

Smith — set to join Charles Green’s board officially as a non-executive director after the share issue is completed — has backed the fans’ boycott of the upcoming Scottish Cup clash with Dundee United.

Gers WILL get their share of the TV and ticket money and will give it to CHARITY.

And Smith said: “I think, over time, the wounds will heal.

“If Rangers get back quickly to a situation where they are challenging for championships and getting the chance to play in Europe then, yes, they’ll heal over and everybody will get on with it.

“But they’ll not be forgotten, that is the thing. Scottish football will get up and we’ll get on with it.

“But I don’t think anybody at Rangers will EVER forget what happened during that period, where we were being used as a political football between the SFL and the SPL.”

Rangers were controversially kicked out of the SPL in the summer and are now playing in the Third Division.

But Smith insists it’s only a matter of time before they’re back competing in the Champions League.

He added: “While it can go down quickly, you can get back just as fast. Rangers will get back to that kind of level. Whether they get back into the group stages of the Champions League, that depends how you do.

“But it’s obviously the aim to take the club back where it was — which, during my last time, meant Champions League football.”

Rangers, meanwhile, have snubbed United’s bold bid to keep all the ticket money from their scottish Cup tie at Tannadice on February 2.

Owner Green said: “The club was contacted by Dundee United requesting us to waive our rights to the share of the gate under Cup Competition Rule 46©, this was declined.

“It has been decided by the Board that any proceeds from gate receipts due to the Club will be donated to the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice Brick by Brick Appeal and Erskine charities via the Rangers Charity Foundation.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/leaguedivision3/4685343/Smith-says-Gers-will-never-forget.html#ixzz2EK6hYEsD

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Should add this as well:

Dundee United have a fucking ckeek. I don't see how they can ask us to give up that money in the 1st place. Rangers are still playing the game in the scottish cup against them.

We know their won't be any Rangers fans their but thats a different matter. The Rangers players are not boycotting the game are they?

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Dundee United have a fucking ckeek. I don't see how they can ask us to give up that money in the 1st place. Rangers are still playing the game in the scottish cup against them.

We know their won't be any Rangers fans their but thats a different matter. The Rangers players are not boycotting the game are they?

Exactly. It's not that when they were bringing 100 fans to cup games at Ibrox, they still got their share of the gate.

We are still playing the game, therefore we are entitled to the money, although we are donating it to good causes.

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Remember we are just hearing the stuff Dundee Utd have gave the press it must have been much worse than that, That Green and Ally heard when in talks with the SPL clubs.

I'm sure McCoist even walked out at one stage, will we ever find out what went on behind closed doors.

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As you get older you get wiser (sometimes) and say things that make sense to the neutrals who read such things. I'm the same age as Walter,so I know he has thought carefully what he said. I think that if there were any Bears who were undecided about whether to boycott or go to Tannadice,then Walter might make their mind up after that story.

Good shout, Walter :pipe:

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This has REALLY put those fuckwit fans of theirs in a tight corner.IF they pack the ground out we can say THANKS, YOU WANKERS for donating to the Rangers charity causes. IF they decide NOT to attend the game ("We will boycott the boycott") brigade then they will be seen as vindictive bitter bawbags who would rather harm their own club by denying them money than give generously to two well deserving charities :pipe:

Wriggle your slimy souls out of that one ya bunch of losers :mutley:

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