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Walter Smith "they played a part in sinking Rangers and that can’t be forgiven"

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Remember we are just hearing the stuff Dundee Utd have gave the press it must have been much worse than that, That Green and Ally heard when in talks with the SPL clubs.

I'm sure McCoist even walked out at one stage, will we ever find out what went on behind closed doors.

This is exactly my thinking. Sometimes you doubt yourself and think, "am I just being paranoid?". But the fact the board, including Ally have taken this decision pretty much confirms what we all thought.

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Ive always loved SIR WALTER...A LIVING LEGEND...I remember him giving liewell a verbal shit kicking the season we got to the uefa cup final and we had to play 11 games in 28days!!..and liewell bleated about S.I.(cant even text that phrase).. Sir Walter handed him his arse and im so glad that he is there to DEFEND OUR CLUB/TRADITIONS..YOU THE MAN WATTIE...XXXXX

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Dundee United have a fucking ckeek. I don't see how they can ask us to give up that money in the 1st place. Rangers are still playing the game in the scottish cup against them.

We know their won't be any Rangers fans their but thats a different matter. The Rangers players are not boycotting the game are they?



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This is beautiful to watch,they were all queuing up to stab us in the back and slam the coffin door shut as we teetered on the brink.

We survived and get stronger by the day,we even have Walter coming onboard,something we never could have predicted after him being involved in the failed attempt to dislodge Charles Green.

Every last one of them will pay,and they know it.

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United wanted Gers to forego their share of the ticket and TV money from the tie.

Charles Green has refused, insisting he will take every penny he is entitled to and hand it over to charity.

YOUR HAVING A FECKIN LAUGH DU, wanted us to give up TV money as well FFS SFA should be asking is he fit to run a football club with requests this this

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Once upon a time many months ago thr were plenty vocal on Walter, questioning his history, ability and loyalty. they don't seem to appear on Walter threads these days for some strange reason and I'm glad the head in the sand comments have died down as praising Walter was often met with those exact words, I never understood that.

Changed days indeed and I'm loving it, my only gripe now is the fact that like our enemies some posters were loving it on this forum peddling the doom and gloom, slaying legend after legend.

I bear no grudge, I'll just bask in this feelgood factor knowing the future is bright.

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Look at the peeps reading this thread:

* 12 members - interested in their club.

* 34 spies - wearing school uniforms (girlie ones); figuring out how to accomplish the mission that their forefathers set out to achieve,

when they couldn't manage to grow, a naturally growing plant.

When will the famine be over - why are they here - when are they leaving - can we no donate a one way ticket & 5lb toties as an incentive.

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